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Willock was born, over a Millenia ago. He was born to a family of Spring Elves in the Far North, he no longer remembers where. When he hit his teenage years, he was drafted into the Spring Elven Army, to fight a War. See Elf for more details. It was during the final siege, to lay waste to the last of Dunatis's temples, when Dunatis himself stepped in and the Elves were no more. A thousand years later, his essence escaped the void and was finally able to be reborn

The Deci Years

  • IM997, Deci

Willock finds himself on the streets of Deci. He knew no-one, and was lost. Before he makes any decisions on allegiences, he is murdered on his second mercenarial hire by Kei-Ry. Settling in to make friends, he falls in with the wrong crowd. Realising he can make the best of a bad situation, he resolves to help people. Joining the Deci Council as Minister for the Poor, he begins a series of rejuvenation schemes which see the City Cobbled, and the first City Sponsored Housing in The Empire.

  • IM998

Willock discovers that the reborn essence of what was once his father has passed on, and has left control of the family estates, along with the titles held to him. Willock is duly appointed Baron of Changes Keep.

After a mixup with the scribes, Willock is briefly appointed Governor of Bildteve. After a week, and after being hounded for action in the city, Willock sets the scribes straight and Kilijan is appointed as Governor of Bildteve

Knights of the Land

  • IM999

Willock joins the Knights of the Land. Within a year he is made Deputy Lord Seeker by Redemption, the Lord Seeker at the time.

  • IM1000

Willock is made Knight Reliant in the New Year’s Honours IM 1000

Willock is murdered by a mercenary a second time. On the order of Bane, High Priest of Dunatis, one of his lesser priests does what the cowardly High Priest could not.

  • IM1001

Willock joins The 'Rest Council as Craftenguilder, but leaves the position within the year

Willock is murderd for a third time, this time by his close friend, Ginzu. The Council of Nine was then blackmailed for 50,000G for the release of his body.

  • IM1004

Willock takes up control of the 3rd Imperial Pathfinders with the rank of Reeve (Sergeant)

  • IM1005

Willock is raised to the rank of Master (Captain)

Lord Seeker

  • IM1008

Willock is made Lord Seeker by Lord Knight Andric

Willock officially moves to Pre-Amoran titles for his held of Imperial Pathfinders

Current Affairs

  • IM1009

Willock is appointed Member of the Order of Glass.

Willock is appointed Knight of the Empire

Willock is raised to Path-Colonel of the 3rd Imperial Pathfinders

Willock is re-appointed Lord Seeker by Lord Knight Robert Rare

  • IM1010

Willock is appointed Journeyman Magistrate.

Willock is appointed Reeve to the Senator for Mercenary Affairs.

Willock is appointed Master of the Order of Glass.

Willock is re-appointed Lord Seeker by Lord Knight Gimly

  • IM1011

Willock is appointed Senator for Mercenary Affairs.

  • IM1012

Willock is re-appointed Lord Seeker by Lord Knight Gimly

  • IM1014

Willock steps down as Senator for Mercenary Affairs over the Dawn. Willock is awarded "Freedom of the City of Halgar" due to his dedication to the Senate and years of service

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