Water in the Rocks Hetyan

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Name: Water in the rocks Hetyan

Clan: Hazraen

Emir: Kelia Nir Vesta

Background: This Hetyan is small, maybe numbering 40 people. They reside in a set of caves an hour or so from the tunnels beneath Galabhad, and lead sedate lives. They are mostly, but not exclusively, druids and the like. The Hetyan was formed around an underground spring that flows through the central cave it resides in. The spring is said to grant people youth and vitality beyond their years.

The Emir, Vesta, replaced her farther who passed away in the Summer IM 1008. She is a kind young lady, in her early 20’s, and tries to rule by consensus as much as direct order. While she is no war leader, she is a skilled druid and knows when to listen to the advice of those better suited to conflict.

The Hetyan is regularly plagued by attacks from Elsazor, as there seems to be a source of the strange fungus near by and it continually entraps unwary travellers. They have, however, become very adept and dealing with this, and more than one of the Druids has learn to control plants to reduce the dangers in fighting these.

In early Spring IM 1010 the heytan fell under attack from the Haze in the desert hetyan, however a group of warriors from the Starlit Warriors arrived in time to save them from the danger.

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