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Truic Amora-Badrass, the Grand Duchess of Halgar and Empress of Labyrinthia is the ruler of the Empire and the Realm Spirit of Glass. She is worhipped by many as a Goddess in her own right.

Early Life

As a girl, Truic had adventured in the world and then when her father’s insanity grew too obvious returned to Halgar. It is almost traitorous now to refer to her deeds then for it is hardly a secret that Truic rapidly became a politician of power almost as great as she was a ritualist under Earl Natal’s tutelage.

Death of Amora

Scant two years before the High Final Dawn and the end of the Second Age, Emperor Cerus Amora was ousted from the position of Emperor. Having never mastered the Nagrech he became increasingly insane, with the aid and whispers of his Chancellor, Madrak. The Nobility united to usurp him and he was sent into exile with all his descendants. Weeks later he was killed, or died fighting for the Empire, opinions divide.

Whilst Truic was daughter of Cerus Amora she had deliberately married the now late Baron Baddrass scant weeks before. She and her sisters were scorned by Amora for her actions and thus having been cast out of House Amora, Truic did not have to accompany her father into exile.


In IM1001 the new Emperor, Michael Stoneheart was kidnapped and presumed slain. Truic was the surprise choice to replace him. Arguably she was a compromise candidate, being the only one whom the diverse factions would accept as their second choice after themselves. Nonetheless she assumed the Throne and miraculously flourished. Determined not to be her father Truic invested more power in her Senate and Governors and acted only occasionally with commands of her own. Increasingly she was seen less and less as she worked to master the Nagrech.

As the Final Dawn marking the end of IM1004 passed it was said that Truic finally achieved that aim, and chose, by way of duty, to sacrifice her mortality and her ability to interact in the affairs of her subjects in order to match the ascendance of The Spiter as Realm Spirit of his own realm and thus protect them. Had she failed to do that then The Sunless Lands would have begun to creep ever northwards changing the nature of the world to be suited to that the Foe and to become an anathema to the people of the Empire. Whilst she remains as Realm Spirit though she is able to enforce a relatively stable border between the Realm of Glass and the Sunless Lands that cannot just be overcome by the will of The Spiter. Although either realm can be altered by dint of military force and physically capturing locales of significance. Such is the nature of current war against the Sunless that takes place in the Baronies. Due to this she is now worshipped in some cities, Keys especially, as a Goddess in her right.

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