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We are currently in the Third age of Primus, which, after a slightly fitful start began in IM 1000 following the events of the High Final Dawn in IM 999. The events of the Third Age are quite well documented. The Empire, recovering from a slight decline that befell it during the years leading to the madness, fall and eventual removal of Amora from the Throne of Glass and from that short, but dangerous period, when there was no Master of Primus before the coronation of Michael Stoneheart has not suffered anything like the Night of Levity and the re-empowered Imperial Scribes have been diligent in recording events, without the Imperial Bureaucracy censuring them for its own purposes. Of course, the supernatural nature of Primus is such that the past can itself be altered and such changes, whilst rare, are, according to Mercenaries, said to have happened

Timeline of Significant Events in the Third Age

IM 1000

1st Januar: Revelation that Emperor Stoneheart was at death's door, his life sustained purely by the Throne of Glass following an assassination attempt by Baron Roxbridge just prior to the High Final Dawn.

1st Februar: In response to the destruction of Ickybiggle and Gileenim through the misuse of and tampering with Ritual Chambers Lord Inquisitor Watching-Owl draws up a new Law decreeing that all Ritual Chambers close to a city be registered to ensure no other Imperial City suffer a similar fate.

4th Aiprus: Concerned with ensuring the impartiality of the operation of the Inquisition Lord Inquisitor Watching-Owl enacted The Illumination Decree.

Deeber: In the absence of Emperor Stoneheart Amora De'ville is declared Custodian of Primus until his return. However the Vochstelen Manfred of The Circle warns that sources within the Mittlenacht informed him that Emperor Stoneheart's spirit was severed from his connection to Primus and can never return.

IM 1001

Martius: Truic Amora-Badrass is acclaimed Grand Duchess of Halgar and crowned Empress

Deeber: With a strangely apolitical choice of bride Duke Stoneheart marries a commoner Latona, who becomes Duchess Stoneheart

IM 1002

Januar: The Nagrech Heresy, Thor of Talthar declares that the power of the Nagrech cannot contain the power of the gods and his fervent preaching to this fact causes confusion amongst the peons and rumours spread that this belief has begun to cause cracks in the Nagrech Crystal.

Orgrus: Ikhala destoys the northern Athfanal colony of Centaris

Final Dawn:

  • The Choice is made between the Sallow Spirit of Primus and the Sire Spirit of Primus
  • Myron is formed by the re-unification of Eemyron and Wemyron, some eight years later this is discovered to be a side effect of making The Choice.
  • Earl Natal slays Kerisdorn but in the process is captured by Ikhala and trapped within the Hordehost

IM 1003

IM 1004

Final Dawn:

  • Empress Truic Amora-Badrass attains Mastery of the Throne of Glass and in the process ascends to become Realm Spirit for the Realm of Glass
  • The Spiter ascends to become Realm Spirit of The Sunless Lands
  • There is a juddering deep in the heart of Primus that leads to a Cataclysm for the subterrean dwelling Drowe. The sginificance of this does not become gnerally known by the other races for another five years.
  • Lead by Galdor Bogginson, the Church of Talthar revive the ancient tradition of Geld with the Tribes of Alguz by bringing gifts of gold and silver to Tar Edroul and in doing so secure the beginning of a lasting a peace between the tribes and the city.

IM 1005

Final Dawn: The Battle of Sellaville Snow

IM 1006

Orgrus: The Battle of Gileenim

Final Dawn: The Battle of Vashen Heit

IM 1007

Final Dawn: The Second Battle of Amora’s Doom

IM 1008

Septus: The Battle of Cheapside

Final Dawn:

  • The Church of Talthar initiate a Convergence that rips Alguz from the Realm of Glass and places it on the edge of their god's heaven with unforeseen consequences from these actions to Alguz, the Empire and Primus and even as far reaching as The Sunless Lands.
  • Armies start to spill out of Myron and into the Alguz territories and the Empire beyond

IM 1009

Jurrle: A Myronese ritualist, by the name of Irbyl of the Third Face, releases specially crafted Twisted Ones in Gothiel which immediately headed up the Windrush. Count Saldana quickly, and quite correctly, surmised that these were being sent to assassinate The Great Alg.

Noveas: Formation of House Claugh-Bartholomaw. Following a successful Tithe to gain the agreement and approval of the Convocation of Nobility and the wedding of Countess Claugh to Duke Bartholomaw a very powerful and highly influential new Great House is formed.

Deeber: Colonel Chance leads a band of Mercenaries, including Knave, Path-Colonel Willock, Truft, Avelarial and others gathered to catch and successful slay the Myronese summoned Twisted Ones before they could attempt to assassinate The Great Alg in the Barony of Capstone home to Count Synovius and where it was curently residing in exile from Alguz.

Final Dawn:

  • The Battle of The River Weep
  • The Battle of Tar Meadwecka
  • Following recantation, for the greater good, by the Church of Talthar the Talthari consents to allow Count Saldana to enact a great Rite of Conquest to restore Alguz to the Realm of Glass and repair the rip in Primal reality caused the previous year. Once more though the actual result had some surprising side effects.
  • The Magiarch Arvanus unleashes a great rite that he had been building up throughout the year upon Eartholme. The aim to destroy the Highing Quarter and leave a purely subterrean city untainted by the air above. Governor Fidgit stands between the rite and the city, in the process saving the city from harm but at the cost of his own existence. Fidgit has not been seen since and is believed permanently destroyed.

IM 1010

Aiprus: A group of mercenaries led by Duke Stoneheart travelled to the island of Vergessen and released the 11th Imperial Legion and House Athanyn from their exile to return to the Empire.

Septus: The Battle of Port Miere

Final Dawn: A mixed Army of Pine Warriors and Gnolls crosses the Silver Mountain pass into the north territory of Deci shrouded in the hallmark miasma and mist known to accompany the Gathen on the march.

IM 1011

Martius: Refugees from the realm of Sylvanthia are welcomed into The Empire

Aiprus: The Brae'lan of the Gallowglass Isles are seen walking The Empire for the 1st time.


  • Mercenaries rediscover the early teachings of The Creator, and re-unite the Shattered Isles of The Shattered God
  • The Imperium increased the price of it's supplies of basic strength potions (6pts) to cover the increased cost being charged by Shining Tamarisk Farmers. Officially, this is the start of The Great Tamarisk Shortage but the effects were not fully felt at this stage

Jurrle: An Élite contingent of Knights of the Land head up the Icewater into Myron's Water Tower to slay a giant Undine. Mission successful, see Report: The Water Tower

Final Dawn:

IM 1012


  • Reports come from Sellaville that the Volcano is becoming active once more, rumblings in the earth and belching flames. It is said this began at the Final Dawn.


  • The price of Tamarisk rises again. Prices are now twice what they were pre-The Great Tamarisk Shortage. Senator Willock spearheads a campaign within the Senate and Mercenary community to ensure the issue is dealt with swiftly and that potions are available to even the poorest of mercenaries
  • Odd things are noted in the flow and flux of magic. From day to day things are changing, simple spells becoming more difficult, scrolls hard to scribe one day become easy the next.
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