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Name: The Vultures Flight

Clan: Benhai

Emir: Victor Bin Kepil

Background: Originally Benhai they used to travel across the sands seeking out lost treasure, or rumours of hidden places to find. However in recent years they have attracted members of other clans who are seeking fame, fortune and adventure. They are a mixed group, with no real morality being prevalent. They are simple thrill seekers and treasure hunters, nothing more really.

Their Emir is man called Victor Bin Kepil, his father was born in the Empire but his mother is from the Hetyan and he was born in the confederacy. The Hetyan has a strange tradition that for one night in a year the Emir will place a necklace hanging in his sleeping room, and if anyone can steal it without being caught, they will replace him as Emir. Kepil managed this feat 3 years ago and has been a prosperous leader ever since.

In early IM 1010 the hetyan endured assaults by the Haze in the Desert Athfanal but thanks to The Starlit Warriors and the Cult of Ayin Hasad working together the Heytan was saved.

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