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The Spiter, known also as The Horned God or the Six Horned God, is the Realm Spirit of The Sunless. His tale is a long one and he is a figure much demonised, pardon the pun, and often misunderstood. He is evil, there is no doubt about that and it is a fact that must never be forgotten but his actions are all with merit for what he has done for his people and as a result his people, the Blauz, a race born of pure emotion and sensation love him with all their hearts and year and burn for his attention and love in return.

The Most Hateful Baldaraz Spite

Was a Blauz ritualist, an expert in pure deception amongst a race that regarded lying as only polite and the epitomy of courtesy and respect. He schemed to make himself a god and arranged a situation where his own god was drawn to a great battle, The Battle of the Shriven Plains to fight the forces of the Baronies and the Empire. Lead by Duke Saladin the Michaeleans summoned their own god Saint Michael to manifest and slay the demonic god of the Blauz, this he did and, after what still remains the fiercest conflict of the last two decades the Empire was eventually victorious. However this was all part of Spite's plans. With his god dead the Blauz people were without a leader.


With the faith of his people Spite became raised to a Primal Deity, one of the Walking Gods of Primus. He did not stop there though. Tale tells that he stole away to the Far North, to the ice and cold of the utter North, and whilst his people were scoured and driven from the lands by Ikhala and the tribes this was not before he had breached the world's end where dwell the Gathen. He slipped into the flesh pits and stole the secrets and lore of the craft created by the Gathen known as Fleshcrafting. This knowledge he transformed into a ritual art, that known as the Tree of Flesh. Which would greatly serve his people in moulding them into new forms. Eleveated forms for the faithful, loyal and successful and degraded forms for the failures.

Following the Battle of the Shriven Plains neither the Baronies or the Empire had anything resembling the military force needed to march south into the lands that the Blauz had annexed and taken as their own from the Baronies. At this point The Circle enacted a terrible rite of the Tree of Turbulence, that transformed their own lands into a perpetual Deathly, for three whole years there was no other season than the Deathly of Winter. This prevented the armies of the Blauz from moving northwards for the original Blauz world burned hotter than Primus and they could not face the cold. During this time Spiter worked to change the landscape and very rules of reality where he dwelt to make it suited to his people and hostile to all others. In this he succeeded, he created the Soulwind that tore the souls of the death in torment across the land and where it blew The Sunless was formed, aplace of terrible corrution of all things good and a stain on the souls of all men except the greatest of Mercenaries such that they would became dark and crue things, like the Blauz, and turn to serve The Spiter.

Spiter and The Choice

At the time of The Choice The Spiter was summoned to the Cave of the Gods, that place where the Primal Deities would sometimes meet, to fulfil a certain destiny. He was however trapped there until he could answer a simple question relating to how The Choice would be made. It was at that point that a somewhat amusing fact became clear: He is incapable of speaking a single truth, even if desiring of such, he had to lie. When faced with a question which had only two answers he had to lie... He swore vengeance against those that had placed him in this position and left.

Spiter and The Empress

Soon after the time of The Choice the Empress ascended as Realm Spirit of Glass. It was later learnt that she did this becasuse she had no choice, she had no choice in the matter because The Spiter had found away to become a Realm Spirit and if he did this then he could quickly spread his evil northwards, overrunning the baronies, then the Brandins and then the Empire itrself with his darkness. To stop him the Empress sacrificed her mortality and free will to become the Realm Spirit of Glass and act as a buffer to the encroachment of the Spiter and the Sunless. It is said that even now the Empress and The Spiter are locked in a perpetual hold over each other in the higher planes. Should the Empress manifest once more on Primus then The Spiter is free to do so. By doing this the Empress has deprived the Sunless of the leadership of The Spiter. Whist it is true that the Empire is deprived of the leadership of its Empress the difference is marked. The Sunless is made up of warring factions and is not united whilst the Empire is lead by the wisdom and unity of the Senate.

Spiter and Myron

In IM 1009 it was becoming obvious that The Spiter seemed to have forgotten about The Sunless and his people, they vied and strove ever harder and harder to turn his gaze upon them for just a glimpse but it was becoming clear that his gaze was turned elsewhere and in all likelihood towards Myron. It was later discovered that The Spiter had a score to settle with the Eth’Aderacht who had once enslaved the Blauz world and had perhaps been in part responsible for the destruction of their world. In return the Eth’Aderacht see the Blauz as uppity slaves.

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