The Masterless Times

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The Masterless Times (IM 998 to IM 999)[1]

Following the regicide of Amora by assassins believed sent by one or more noble houses on his way to Exile, there was a time without a guiding hand upon the Throne of Glass. This fact seemed to have shocked the older leading figures of the Nobility into silence for well over a year whilst stock was taken and the likelihood that the Decree of the Night of Levity may obscure vital information combined with the apparent death of the only man with the knowledge on how to guide Primus through it’s second High Final Dawn.

It was a strange time for many in the Empire, freed from the sense of being ruled by a madman, factions throughout the Empire flexed their muscles in the areas where until now the Nobility or the Imperial Bureaucracy had reigned supreme. With no cohesive leadership, the Bureaucracy so used to instruction coming down onto them from Madrak the Imperial Chancellor, simply tried to survive, relying on old laws and traditions for guidance on how the world was supposed to run. This often came into conflict with the desires of the now newly empowered city councils, and is probably somewhat responsible for the secession of Trollsville as a city from the Empire.

It was not until an attempted coup in Halgar supporting George the Elemental Lord of Air in his bid to be crowned Emperor, which was put down after a long siege of the city, that there was much public awareness amongst these new powers that a problem could be on the Horizon.

The words β€˜Final Dawn’ meandered around the Imperial Inquisition, now finally running at full potential after the Lord Inquisitor Watching-Owl had finally received the support he had asked for across the Empire. Momentum gathered as Inquisitors and Special Inquisitors uncovered what they could on the subject.

Finally it came clear, there must be an Emperor come the final Dawn, and so the political wheels ground onwards after the blockage created by the coup had been removed.

It was not until a few weeks before the end of the Millenium that a coronation ceremony took place in secret, and even then those who had participated had seemingly agreed to have the memories of that coronation sealed away within their own minds, they could look if they wished, but by their own volition they knew that the things that they would learn would only disadvantage themselves in the battle to keep Primus clear of convergence and physical destruction from those who sought to change the rules at the Final Dawn, setting new soothspaaken in place for the next thousand years.

It appears however that despite an attempted assassination, there was now in fact a living Emperor on the throne at the Final Dawn, a Master of Primus to guide the world through the Death of Magic and the Instillation of a New Spirit of Primus, the old one having passed his power over to a mere border baron shortly before being slain at the hands of one known as Argoth.


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