The Great Alg

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The Great Alg

The Great Alg is the most powerful of the River Spirits. He is spirt of The Alg river and the only spirit powerful enough to resist the otherwise successful attempts by the Glorianave Magiarch Kerisdorn to bind the River Spirits and damn the rivers. In appearance he is a large man, a fat fool, dressed in a toga, and near always drunk, although his eyes display a hidden intellect beyond that of hedonist, sot and drunkard. He is a debauched sort of chap loving the companion of youth and the luxury of fine wines. His Hallowed Temple that sits half sunk in The Alg is decorated with vines and other symbols of wine and hedonism.

Recent Events in the Life of The Great Alg

IM 1008

At the Final Dawn when the Talthari placed Alguz on the edge of their heavens and every other Place Spirit, including the City Spirit of Alguz, died he survived to a degree floating down the rivers to wash up in virtually lifeless Capstone where he spent that IM 1009 in exile, to the combined delight and exasperation of Count Synovius. It soon became clear that he had been drawn to barony which sits on the banks of the River Windrush by its immense vineyards and the vast quantities of wine to be found therein.

IM 1009

In IM 1009 The Myronese released specially crafted Twisted Ones in Gothiel which immediately headed up the Windrush. Count Saldana quickly, and quite correctly, surmised that these were being sent to assassinate The Great Alg. Fortunately under the leadership of Colonel Chance a band of Mercenaries gathered to catch and successful slay these creatures before they could reach their target.

IM 1011

It was discovered that Oeldwych Isle had been infiltrated by Blauze of The Spiter as a means to allow them to reach Myron. As part of this attempts had been made to drive The Great Alg insane and manipulate him. Once more he was saved by the timely intervention of Mercenaries.

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