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Head: Jander, aka The Forge

Power Base: Industrial, Military

Motto: ”Everyone deserves at least one chance.”

Primary Location: Forge Holm (Rural Deci) & Forgetown (Rural Deci)

Followers Church of the Forge, Guild Host of the Forge and certain elements of the Warsmiths guild

”I believe that you should treat all with fairness and respect regardless of their past reputations until they prove themselves unworthy. Everyone deserves at least one chance.” ~ Jander

Jander, one time commander of Shadow Legion, Ex-Lord Knight of the Knights of the Land, Ex-Magistrate General of the Empire, Ex-Quarter Marshall of The IMC, Legend, Primal Deity and one time Governor of Deci is possibly the most underrated and misunderstood of the major powers in Deci by those outside of the city. His quiet unassuming nature and simple determination to get on with the job at hand without fuss combined with his long retirement from the daily Mercenary path has left him somewhat overlooked by the current crop of mercenaries im the Third Age but his influence within Deci and his legacy across the Empire as a whole should not be forgotten or underestimated.

This great man of principle has long worked to drag Deci step by step up from the gutter into being a place where people can be proud to live and to live, if not necessarily good lives then productive ones. Whilst Sire Halfblack has taken upon himself to restore the city’s guilds and rejuvenate Deci’s trade, Sire Jander has transformed the two main heavy industries of Deci, that of its mines and that of its foundries and Warsmiths.

The sheer amount of hard work he has put in behind the scenes is often completely unappreciated and a lack of understanding for the huge amount that he has done has in part lead to his reputation as a force for good being tarnished amongst certain mercenaries and those in the far off halls of Halgar who decried him for seemingly allowing evil to flourish in the city or failing to stop Argoth’s ascension to power as The Murder during his tenure as Governor. However these people fail to understand the nature of the city and the impossibility of certain things or to even realize just quite how much he already had tempered Argoth’s actions and just how much worse things could have been without his calm but dominating presence.

For instance, Jander’s guidance transformed the warsmiths from following a path that would have lead to them simply churning out daggers to one where Deci is the Empire’s single largest supplier of arms and weapons and an asset of growing significance with the conflicts that are now threatening the security of the Empire.

His leadership diverted the Deci Miners from following their ancient Traditions and Observances that would have seen them become little more than thieves and raiders of other people’s hard work and has instead moulded them into becoming actual workers of mines.

In the same manner as he changed the nature of the Warsmiths and the Miners Jander’s time as Governor was characterised by a slow but steady transformation of the character of the people. His years of work in the city have granted him an understanding and familiarity with the city, which whilst not rivalling that of its Vizier, Sire Halfblack, was sufficient to understand how things needed to be done to accommodate change and the rate at which things could be done without rebellion or disaster. Following his stepping down as Governor to pursue his primal calling as The Forge and thus handing the Poisoned Chalice of Governorship to Earl Majius he has remained within the King’s court as Defence Minister, a position which in the traditionally large council of Deci oversees the Stadtus' and Commisent’s efforts to organize the city’s defence.

His near indestructible Forged Republican Laminar has a reputation as one of the ultimate life savers and it is said that the lives of many men have been saved through wearing it and even the course of battles altered by its protection. The Empress herself wears a special suit of armour he made for her and a number of the Primal Deities wield Dawnblades, weapons of the gods forged for them in the death of one year and given life by the birth of the next.

Of the luminaries of Deci Jander is the one closest to the common working man, it is not for him to surround himself with the swaggering Thugs of The Sleek, the arrogant Assassins of The Murder, the pampered lackeys of the King or the sly Factors of Halfblack Holdings but to get his hands dirty side by side with the Wastrel and Guilded of the city alike.

As a smith and a miner, two hard working trades, he very much represents the common man. Consequently his War Host is a very unusual affair, it is more correctly termed a Guild Mark since that army he commands is in fact made up from membership of a number of the city’s guilds which he has integrated himself into and earned their respect and to some degree allegiance. He was for two year's running in IM 1009 and IM 1010 Sire of the Warsmiths guild, something highly unusual amongst The Hundred, who favour an annual change in their leadership at each Final Dawn. Although he stepped down from this role at the Final Dawn IM 1010.

It was this Guild Mark that he took into battle against King Blackjack, representing the guilds who had suffered quite badly at his hands and although ultimately nearly every single guildsman who stood and fought died at that terrible climax of the civil war in the city the wiser amongst the guilds understand it was needed.

As a result of his striking lack of the airs and graces you might expect from a demigod and legend of his stature and due to his plain and simple example Jander’s people are honourable, hard working no nonsense souls. He and his are very much the moral steel and fibre of an otherwise dark and quite frankly horrific city. The faith of the Forge is very strong in the city and wherever you find decent people in the city you do not need to mine deep before finding Jander’s influence behind such.

The IC Faction Benefits for this faction can be found in the Labyrinthe Almanac, Volume 4, August 2011

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