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It is a fundimental truth that supernatural
power corrupts the user. Without discipline or
a true sense of responsibility the ritualist
invariably changes the world around him. All
the present woes of the World can be traced
to the misuse of the supernatural. It is self-
evident that ritual power is inefficient, that
the Land absorbs the entropy generated from
such practices to the eventual harm of all.
Aduni Akimbo, Circle Ritualist


The Circle was formed from amongst the userpers and survivors of the Voradalian and Dachtanian Magiocracies. It was decided that users of supernatural power would never again make war upon one another, that such a thing would never be allowed to occur. Those who possessed supernatural power were given a simple choice - join the Circle or leave the Baronial lands in permanant exile. Only a very few took the latter option, eventually arriving in Ishma amongst the Banished. These people became the Salahman.

As users of supernatural power are inducted into the Circle. Even those of slight power are given their due, used to travel the fairs of the Baronies where they test the children of the villages for potential. Those who show even the slightest talent are immediately taken by those overtly friendly 'Vochstelen to the Circle's huge fortress to the south of the Baronies.

These fairs are a popular part of Baronial serf life, the arrival of a testing Vochstelen signalling the start of a village celebration, commonly funded by the Baron. Obviously, some children either slip through the net or are hidden in the forest by their mentors and these grow to become the hated hedge-wizards and crones of the Baronies.

The southen phrase 'Hedge Wizard' should not be taken to apply to Druids and their associates only, being given to any users of Supernatural power outside of the Circle. The term did come about from the high number of Druids found in this category though. The Barons kill any of these wild magicians that they catch, calling for the aid of a Vochstelen if it is needed. It is sad but true that many people have been killed by the Barons under the excuse of their alleged witchcraft or magery.

Undiciplined and uncontrolled supernatural power is not tolerated under any circumstances.

The circle is all - hwilst it has no official power over the barons (Indeed they are officially servants of the Waldgraf) the reality greatly differs. The barons are all a little scared of the CIrcle and willingly take any 'advice' they might be given.


The Edicts that were forumlated from the Arathelian Accords, those that refer to the Circle, are:

  1. No supernatural power shall be left to the whim of the Individual. All power is part of the Eternal circle of element - man - spirit. All those of power will accept their place in this circle.
  2. No user of supernatural power shall use this power against a fellow user of the higher arts. Mage does not fight mage, Priest does not fight Mage and Priest does not fight priest. Never again shall the land be rent by the thoughtless and childish misuse of power.
  3. Those of power shall not involve themselves in the acquisition of wolrdly dominance. They shall not be exalted over others, they shall hold no material positions of influence.
  4. The safety of the Baronial lands is the paramount responisbiliry of those of power. The actions of a rituallist of power will be questioned neither by serf, Baron or Waldgraf.
  5. Deific and Draconic power is an unthinking tool. Glory or obedience is not to be paind to a personification of either spiritual or elemental power.
  6. Respect is to be kept in dealings with those of power beyond our borders. Their ways are not our ways and should be accepted. Should people of power from beyond our borders show either disrespect or demonstrate a threat to the Baronial lands then those of power may use their own judgement as to their actions.

These edicts form the basis for the actions and intention for members of the Circle. THe Circle was first named thus at the initual gathering of ritualists who accepted the Arathelian Accords- the name being taken from the first Edict.

The Circle contains a vast array of differing people and personality types, as would be expected. Whislt they may not directly take worldy power for themselves or act against one antoher the arts of power by proxy and the subordination of the Barons is a popular one. CIrcle member sdo work through third parties to achieve their own ends.

Cerebral High Wizards, brutally patriotic Warlocks, inquisitive elemental Wizards, secretive evil Priests, even a few humble Psionicists are held within the ranks of the Circle. These people share their motivations and power in common with their northern counterparts. There are no priests of goodly or neutral deities however since these did not form part of the Voradal faction. Even these priests believe their spiritual power to come from the dark places of the human spirit rather than a higher deity.

The Circle also has a number of specialist practitioners in it's ranks that are not commonly found in the Northen Empire

PC Members of the Circle

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