The Battle of Tar Meadwecka

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The Battle of Tar Meadwecka was fought in the Final Dawn of IM 1009 upon Tar Meadwecka (The Sweet Hill or Hill of Honey Making) in the Far North

Reason for the Conflict

The annual stand by Ikhala's elite Red Bough, and the Tribes of the Far North against the incursion southwards by the Gathen from the Utter North. This year the battle was unusually fierce for the Magiarchs of Myron had enacted a Summonation Rite to bring Gathen flesh to Myron to serve as bodies for their disembodied Eth'Aderacht masters. Through the use of a Turbulence Rite by the Myronese to cause a premature Cor Sam (Winter) the Gathen were able to start their move southwards earlier than usual, catching the Tribes by surprise.

Forces Present

With the seriousness of the attack Ikhala took an unusual tact. Normally only those Warriors who had spent the hot season Creduin proving themselves worthy to carry the standard of the Tribes and earn the Glory of the battle with the Gathen would be allowed to fight. However with the severity of the threat Ikhala sent a large diplomatic party to Tar Edroul, including the Warshaman Edroul himself, to speak with Watching-Owl and instruct him that he and the Shadow Tribes were required. Although it was late in year Owl called on his allies asking them to abandon their Final Dawn Observances and join him in marching north to bolster the forces of the Northern Tribes. As a result the following tribes came from the South:

Tribal Forces




  • Urquhart, The Chime Child

Also present with Ikhala and The Red Bough

  • Asa Volki and his Reavers
  • The Eorl of the Torn Isles and his Honour Sworn

Gathen Forces

  • Pine Warriors

Individual Gathen Present

Notable Events of the Battle

Result of the Battle

The Tribes were, at great cost victorious in driving all bar one of the Gathen back to the Utter North with the sole exception that the mightiest of these, Awlis First Wife, and her army were able to break the lines and move towards Myron.

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