The Battle of Port Miere

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The Battle of Port Miere was fought in Septus IM 1010

Reason for the Conflict

The City of Port Miere had fallen to The Foe. The Empire needed to retake it swiftly before it could be despoiled and more importantly before the Final Dawn, for if not taken by that point then The Foe would be able to spread the Soulwind across the entire island of Port Miere and it would have become part of The Sunless.

Forces Present

Imperial Forces



Notable Events of the Battle

Mercenary Intervention

Prior to the Battle a large number of mercenary missions were undertaken to undermine the forces of the Foe including a great gathering. Willock, then Senatorial Reeve for Mercenary Affairs, called to the Mercenary Community and arranged for them to gather. It was this gathering that would prove vital to the re-taking.

Actions taken by the mercenaries included the retaking of key structures within the city and the ritual summonation of a giant sea beast by the mercenaries Nev De'Ville, Lirael, Uhtred and Ragdoll, which destroyed much of the enemy fleet then at anchor in the harbour.

Destruction of the Port Miere gates by Mercenary forces

Result of the Battle

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