The Battle of Cheapside

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The Battle of Cheapside, sometimes referred to as Black Orc Down, was fought in Septus IM 1008.

Reason for the Conflict

The Forge and Bastion sought to halt King Blackjack's civil war that was swallowing up Deci and threatening the Empire's peace as large numbers of malcontents and Imperial traitors came to his banner seeing a chance to be free from Imperial rule.

Forces Present

Imperial Forces



Blackabite Forces


  • The Gangs of Cheapside

Notable Events of the Battle

  • The entirety of Jander's Host was almost wiped out to a man, very nearly crippling the guilds that each of the Guild Marks represented in the process.
  • The Winterhaven Sentinels employed a turtle tactic of interlocked shields to safely travel the otherwise near impassable Cheapside streets like some armoured wagon.
  • The Battle was fought under a terrible storm, the severity of which was to leave Cheapside flooded for over a year
  • The rest of the city steered clear of the conflict even to the extent of continuing the annual Hundred's Day celebrations in The Invisible Quarter.

Result of the Battle

A very, very closely fought battle, perhaps closer than the Bastion would care to admit but in the end the amassed forces defeated King Blackjack.

The Death of King Blackjack[1]

They pushed on but it was the weight of the bodies that slowed them rather than the skill of the levy mob. Had they even been militia quantity would have told over quality but step by step and fighting to their waists in water the Bannercrows, the Templars and the Warlord’s Own went on. They had the mob on three sides now and more were trying to escape than were fighting back so that Aaron set up a shout that took five minutes to carry until at last the Bastion line came to a halt and the mob, panicking was able to flee. The orcs were swarmed under and the rabble streamed away across rooftops and lanes, streets and alleys.

The shieldwalls came together once more but only the beast remained.

Twisted, cursed but the larger because of it Blackjack laughed. He stood clear of the water because he stood on a hill of the dead. And when he laughed the shieldwalls quivered and shouts had to run up the lines to hold them steady. In the front ranks Jander, Kelvar, Aaron, Khopesh, Barak, Gnug, Raven and Macros glared at the orc and the dead they had been forced to kill. The water was thick with death and there Blackjack stood on his hill of corpses amidst his lake of blood. And cursed and battered he defied them all. “Fink dere’s enough of yer?” The skies boomed. Great rolls of thunder ran across the city and when Jander pushed himself clear King Blackjack threw back a misshapen arm so that the great iron whip clattered upwards.

Lightning struck. It smashed into the tip of the whip so that it caught hard in the air. More lanced from the heavens and the Helds did step back then as the Grate Black Orc Of Cheapside was roasted blacker than he had ever been until only his fangs and one eye showed clear. And still he laughed. And with a last effort he raised his free arm and one middle finger.

Then with a last defiant roar the flesh fell to ruin and he collapsed like a pole-axed bull. The rain came down all the harder and the waters rose. And Blackjack King of Deci ended his reign in a kingdom of blood and skulls.


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The full text of the Battle and surrounding events can be found here:]

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