The Awoken Rock Hetyan

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Name: The Awoken Rock

Clan: Salahman

Emir: Hussain

Background: Named after the caves they lived in. It is said the rocks themselves can speak to people at the right times of the year (this is when the gnomes in them come towards the surface and the rumbling is heard as echoes and people think it is someone speaking to them). The Hetyan were long plagued by attacks from Afthanel, however the actions of those working for the Cult of Ayin Hasad resolved this and gave the Hetyan some degree of safety. Numerous of its members have joined the Ayin hasad because of this.

The Emir is a single minded man, though listens to all of the information before he decides the course that will be taken. Many ask why he does not use his fathers name, he simply says that he should be judged on his deeds, glories, and crimes, and not those of his family before him. Beyond this he will not be drawn on the subject.

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