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Head: Sire 'Berry, aka Trundleberry, aka Black Hat, aka The Hat

Power Base: Information Broker, Cheapside Gang

Symbol / Gang Patch: Black Hat on a circular green background

Primary Location: Cheapside (Urban Deci)

Sire 'Berry of Stab Street must be the most unusual of Deci's powers. How Trundleberry, a quiet little goblin came to such prominence in Deci as to earn the social standing and title of Sire is amazing in itself. The fact that this was within Cheapside, is even more remarkable. For most it's actually quite difficult to even say how long Sire 'Berry has been of influence in the city, his generally unassuming goblin nature has seen him fare well and his quiet climb to power has left many with the feeling that he has always been there in "A Stab In The Back, 1 Stab Street, Cheapside, Deci, Primus, The Exostance". Sire 'Berry originally made his name in Deci as a Gobball during the time of the great Gobball revival lead by Blueblottle, the Elemental Lord of Twilight, one time Stadtus of Deci. He was one of the most successful Gobballs ever and retired not without a pile of grulls, a growing reputation in Deci and a somewhat strange armoured contraption...

He married and settled down with his wife, now known simply as Ma Berry, and a growing litter of Ratfolk stepsons. One could easily be forgiven for thinking that just about every ratfolk in Deci calls themselves one of Sire 'Berry's stepsons despite the fact that neither he nor Ma 'Berry actually have children. The Stepsons proved to be very, very useful to Sire 'Berry for three main reasons. Firstly, like their cousins in Thimon, the Ratfolk are incredibly skilled with their paws in the making of curiosities and luxury items and Sire Berry put them to good use in "A Stab In The Back", the little shop he opened which later expanded to take up an entire street and formed the now infamous Stab Street, known throughout the Empire as the place to get the finest daggers.

Secondly, The Stepsons over time formed up a little gang, a gang answering to the wealthy and socially respected Sire 'Berry and armed with the finest shivs in the city. Soon the gang grew to be probably the most powerful and respected force in Deci. Fortunately Sire 'Berry's Goblin instincts have left him wary of causing trouble or starting fights, at least those of the straight up kind and over time Stab Street has come to be seen as a place of neutrality in Cheapside. It is rumoured that even now the five Kallah Lords of Deci regard Stab Street, as a force, if not specifically the actual location, as a place where they can meet safely without falling under the jurisdiction of another or threat of interference from the other powers of Deci.

Thirdly, the rats have sharp eyes and sharp ears and over time Stab Street has become a hive of information. It is said, as least by the good goblin, that if you seek information then in Deci there is no place better than Stab Street. Many of the curious amongst the vitaed and mighty have sat in The Golden Rooms, Stab Street, getting a shave and listening to the gossip and news on something they seek to know about in Deci. A clean shave long being acknowledged in Deci as the best way to demonstrate the quality of a blade.

With the construction of The Horned Serpent in the North Quarter and the destruction of the rats at the hands of the Serpents the followed in its wake the only rats to be found in the city are concentrated in Stab Street, they having lost their position as vermin, replaced by serpents in Deci's hierarchy. Something that no doubt further consolidated Sire 'Berry's position in Cheapside as the Rats and Ratfolk, Stepsons or not, took sanctuary in Stab Street.

During the destructive reign of King Blackjack Sire 'Berry navigated a tricky path with Stab Street on the edges of Kingdom Cheapside. Whilst the gangs would uncharitably see Sire 'Berry as treacherous and a turncoat for serving the King as an advisor and then refusing to fight for him it is perhaps fairer to note that he whispered many words of restraint to King Blackjack to restrict his worse excesses, besides, what choice did he have, a Goblin against an Orc? Not something that has ever gone well in the grand scheme of things for the Goblins of Primus.

With the fall of King Blackjack there was a collective holding of the breath of the denizens of Cheapside as rumour went round that Sire 'Berry would look to claim the crown that had fallen. Fortunately Sire 'Berry was wise enough to understand that such kingdoms are built and maintained through constant conflict and he saw no reason to go to war with what were basically his customers. After a little flexing of his fists, where a few "disrespectful" gangs had been concerned, he left Cheapside in peace and the gangs breathed a sigh of relief as they returned to their turfs and minor disputes.

Stab Street remains a place of neutrality in Deci, where one can get a decent shave, hear juicy gossip, purchase a curse from Ma 'Berry or acquire the finest of daggers all watched by the Stepsons and lorded over by the shrewd Sire 'Berry.

The IC Faction Benefits for this faction can be found in the Labyrinthe Almanac, Volume 4, August 2011

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