Spider Tribe

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Spider Tribe
Chieftain Squim
Shaman Theign Baiter
Witchdoctor Sha'Grot
Guild Type Social


Spider Tribe

Please note that due to the legendary actions of the guild (some would say infamous) this guild is Timeless. As such its tiered abilities are fixed and will never be lost. This guild does not require guild specials in order to maintain the guild.


Be a Goblin or Hobgoblin.


Spider tribe goblins were once renowned for cowardice, however the prevailing side of their goblin instinct has switched. They are now nasty, stabby, sneaky lovers of ambushes (and cowards....).


May only ever attack from a position of perceived strength in most cases this will mean a helpless opponent, attacking from behind, or outnumbering the enemy. May not leave the tribe without the permission of the chieftain.


A New Chieftain IM 8th Juon IM1019

There were an unprecedented number of Goblins gathered from their hidden places in the Spida Wald, waiting outside of Theign Baiter’s Hall. They had come to witness the exorcising of the ghost of Sizel, Chieftain of the Spida Tribe by the young pretender Squim. Despite his not being seen for a decade or maybe more his name still engendered fear. Mothers told their rebellious goblin pups that if they didn’t behave Sizel would drag them off at the dawn.

There had also long been rumours that a certain elderly druid from the Hollow Bones had sought to take for himself the mantle of The High Druid starting with stealing the mantle of Spida Druid held by Greeb. He was swiftly disavowed of that by a pair of daggers from Shank. Greeb shook his head at the swift execution of the traitor and dragged him off to breathe life back into Watching-Snake’s frail body.

Above the noise Baiter’s voice could be heard letting all know that if a new Chieftain wished to claim that which for so long had been Sizel’s then such a declaration would need to be made before the Chieftain’s hut. There was a gasp from all the little goblins gathered outside. No one went to Sizel’s Hut!

A short while later outside Sizel’s Hut Baiter formally announced the challenge. Any who wanted to deny Squim the chieftainship should step forward now and fight him in single combat, in the way of the Gloried Tribes or, in the way of Goblins, they had until Midnight to sneak up and assassinate Squim. No one stepped forward.

“Right, Assassination it is” Shar muttered under his breath. He had received an odd letter from an unknown author that advised that he should arrange the death of Squim if he wanted his little secrets kept. Shar had no idea who it came from or what secrets, I mean he did have quite a few secrets… Still, a worry for another day.

With no challenge forthcoming Squim strode up to the door of the Hut and suddenly backed off.

“What’s up?” Asked Bubbles as she approached the door.

“It’s scary!”

“What, do you mean…” Bubbles replied before herself fleeing the door. This was Sizel’s Hut after all.

Some time later though after some thinking, some running and some cunning Squim lifted aloft the sword that represented the Chieftainship. The Spida Tribe had a new Chief. Things were about to get… interesting... and not just in the Dark Forest…

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