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Church of Shaehan
Symbol A Dove
Name of Deity Shaehan
High Priest Tirama
Avatar Chernobyl
Celestial High Priestess Lady Torwin Mortis Blacksoul
Centre of Religion Sellaville, Scarlene & Rural Heartlands
Spherical Learning Healing
Alignment Lawful Good




Goodly non-weapon using priest.

Miracle List

1st: Cure Wound, Detect Spirit’s Nature, Halt

2nd: Cure Serious Wounds

3rd: Cure Disease, Talk to Spirit, Dismiss Ghoul, Protection From Spirits, Spirit Shield, Bless

4th: Heal, Spirit Shift

5th: Dismiss Wraith, Remove Fear and Paralysis, Spiritual Invisibility

6th: Total Heal, Dismiss Vampire, Spiritual Freedom

8th: Restore Life


Shaehan is the Goddess of Healing, Mercy and Charity. Shaehan priests will cure all who ask for it, though may ask those of evil alignment to repent before doing so. The priests have a similar outlook to Hospitallers but realise that fighting is a way of life and thus will not always try to stop a fight, although they will advise against it and will tidy up afterwards. They must never kill, or they will be instantly excommunicated by the goddess, unless it is against undead or evil supernatural creatures which are antagonistic. Above all Shaehan priests believe in healing, mercy and the right of life regardless of alignment.


The Church of Shallya (as it was originally called) fell into decline about 320 years ago when the temple and it's priests were attacked and killed by an army of undead. Finally, only the High-priest was left standing and in a desperate attempt to save the souls of his priests he unleashed all the power within his holy amulet and gave up his own spirit to Shallya. In reply the Goddess Shallya released a huge burst of blinding light and destroyed all the undead and the temple sank below the earth. The faith of Shallya died on Primus along with the priests of Shallya. The temple remained empty and undiscovered until about 20 years ago when Lady Torwin found the temple in the Remus Hills and revived the faith. Their brother church follow and are named for Mortai brother deity to Shallya/Shaehan.

During the ‘namer war’ Chernobyl, Demi-god of Healing, and Torwin, Celestial High Priestess – was High Priestess at the time, found that Paragon, the God opposing Shallya was in fact Shallya from one thousand years in the future. Therefore they sought to join the two and so Shallya and Paragon became Shaehan. And rather than just being that Goddess of Healing and Mercy, Shaehan also embraced Charity in deference to Paragon. Lady Torwin has recently ascended to live in Haven with Shaehan and has become the Celestial High Priestess but is still sighted in Labyrinthia on occasion. She has been succeeded by Duchess Latona Stoneheart, the current Governor of Sellaville and a former Governor of Halgar.

The Southern Baronies

Since the fall of Emperor Amora the Church of Shaehan has enjoyed an immensely good relationship with the Southern Baronies, amongst The Circle, the people, the Grafs and even it seems many of the Ritter. Their desire to simply act as healers without any desire for payment or to even spread the word of their Mistress, which would contravene The Arathelian Accords, first impressed itself upon those in power in the South through the selfless acts of Chernobyl.

With Chernobyl’s eventual withdrawal from mortal affairs this work was continued by Haruld of Shaehan, a man respected amongst the Baronies not just for his skill as a healer but as a diplomat and Merchant. Much of the work to build up the good relations that have been enjoyed between the Empire and the Southern Baronies have been in no small part due to the efforts of Haruld. His simple and effective attempts to spread Peace and Prosperity, with his personal belief that prosperity begets peace and free trade reduces the need for war, seems to have so far yielded very good results.

Holy Days

20th Februar ~ Reformation Day [High Holy Day] This day in IM990, the church of Shallya was reformed, 300 years after it's priests in Labyrinthia were destroyed.

3rd Juon ~ Illumination Day [Holy Day] The birthday of Torwin, Celestial High Priestess and Founder of the Church of Shaehan. Date is as near as can be calculated.

1st October ~ Contemplation of Shaehan [High Holy Day] Celebration of the successful harvest and conclusion of the “living” year. Praise rises to Shaehan for the food given to sustain people for another winter and asking for her mercy and protection as the nights of dark winter close in.

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