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The Magiocracy of Seval[1]

IM680: Founded by those who fled the coup in this year, Seval was created from the chaotic ruins of Sellaville. Mostly abandoned during the end of the Republic the hard-line ritualists who arrived immediately enforced their authority over the denizens that dwelt there and those that lived nearby. A ritual-dictatorship, Seval stood for Seval and nothing else. The dragons were brought forth and power traded, enabling the state to expand during the weak periods of Glorianave to take the small settlement of Thimon and all the land in between. Never stable, a succession of leaders followed one after the other in power struggles and assassinations, ensuring the most powerful ritualist ruled supreme.

IM902: Only in this year did it gain any form of stability when Borsous the Red took the leadership and held it until his death at the hands of Mourena Fhayle in the uprising that took place when Amora began to rise to dominance. A brutal, fierce regime Seval nonetheless bred pride into its citizens who saw the easy answers of the Magiocracy as truth. They subjugated the tribes, enslaved Thimon and gloried in the power of the Dragons… By the time the uprising was complete the ornate stone work, tall towers and hideous architecture of Seval had been smashed and torn down. So much so that the city of Sellaville, already torn apart by the Choas Wars had to be built almost from scratch in Amora’s reign.


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