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The Senate is the temporal body appointed by the Emperor to assist them in running the Empire and also the supernatural body to assist them, in their role as Master of Primus in retaining their sanity whilst they sit upon the Throne of Glass. Based in the Imperial Capital, Halgar the Senate convenes deep within the privacy and safety of the Inner City.

The Senatorial Posts

Traditionally, in as much as something as relatively young as the Empire can have traditions, the Senate is composed of seven. The current posts are as follows:

The Chancellor

The Chancellor Heads the Chancellery, chairs the Senate and is responsible for the overall bureaucracy and financial stability of the Empire.

Lord Inquisitor

Governs the Imperial Inquisition and is responsible for the supernatural stability and equilibrium of the Empire.

The Warlord

As head of the Bastion is the commander in chief of the Empire’s military forces, responsible for organising the defence of the Empire and for waging of the Empire’s wars.

The Covenant

Heads for the Imperial body of the same name, the Covenant, which is responsible for seeing that the Empire’s Laws are adhered to that justice is done. Also known as The Senator for Justice.

Senator for Foreign Affairs

Is responsible for maintaining diplomatic relations with foreign nations and for keeping tabs on the Empire’s neighbours…

Senator for Domestic Affairs

Is responsible for the internal stability of the Empire, tending to the needs of the cities and differing territories and ensuring the general smooth day to day running of the Empire.

Senator for Mercenary Affairs

Is responsible for representing the rights of the Mercenary Caste in the halls of power, since few Mercenaries can claim much by way of political power, and for liaising with the Mercenary Caste when their unique skills and powers are required by the Empire in times of crisis.

The Primal Responsibility of a Senator

However, given the supernatural nature of Primus it should be of small surprise that a Senator also serves a purpose beyond that of just a bureaucrat or administrator. There were some specific requirements to being a Senator, these being the same as those required of those who would sit upon the Throne of Glass themselves. Such requirements included that those who wished to be appointed be: Of sound mind, be of age and, most importantly be human without taint of otherworldly nature. The reason for this is because sitting upon the Throne is a constant assault on the mind and personality of they who do so. They control a great power and must hold back the machinations of untold supernatural forces that seek entrance to Primus. This to say the least is tiring, only one who has truly mastered the Nagrech can hope to survive such and consequently there is only so long that one might remain Master of Primus before being driven insane. However a link can be formed between the Master of Primus and a number of individuals such that they lend him their strength such that the length of time one might fulfil this duty before being irreversibly damaged can be increased. Those individuals being, of course, the seven Senators.

Cerus Amora’s Senate

Amora’s original Senate was formed from his Mourathal, some of the most notable members of which were Madrak, who became Chancellor, Tithe who became his Mentatus, Arashecht, who became his Majitus and Kith Kaharn, his Gaius.

It should be noted that whilst the Senate and Mourathal are very different organisations they will often be composed of the same groups.

Michael Stoneheart’s Senate

Interestingly Emperor Stoneheart’s Senate did not entirely conform to this pattern, it having been determined by the Inquisition that whilst it was better that all who lent support to he who sat upon the Throne of Glass be pure it was possible for a small number of those to not fully qualify. This would make it harder to perform the supernatural duties of the Senate but not impossible so long as at least seven actively served.

With the unfortunate attempt on the life of Emperor Stoneheart, the leadership of the Empire was left in a strange position. The Emperor sat dying upon the throne but not dead and as long as he remained upon it the otherworldly and primal energies coursing through it kept him alive. He could not be removed without killing him making such an act treasonous. In his physical state he was unable to communicate. However it was possible for him to empathically link with a close member of his blood, his son Duke Ruatha Stoneheart. Over time, with practice Ruatha could allow his father’s soul to inhabit his body and during such periods he was, for all intent and purposes, Michael Stoneheart. To clarify the legal ramifications of this unprecedented form of rulership a new Imperial post was created the Hand of the Emperor.

Somewhat interestingly the matter of where that placed Ruatha regards superiority to the rest of the Senate was never an issue and is testament to Duke Stoneheart’s level head and diplomatic skills that his assumption of such power did not rustle any feathers amongst The Senate, The Senior Mennihaft or the Convocation of Nobility.

Truic’s Amora-Badrass’ Senate

The Empress, as a somewhat enlightened ruler, with greater trust and faith in her senate than her father and without being assaulted by the insidious whispers of Madrak chose to follow the path started upon by Emperor Stoneheart, who had little choice in the matter given his state. She devolved wide ranging powers directly to her Senators and gave them her complete and unwavering backing. By doing so she made the Senate the voice of the Empress, a voice that could only be silenced by her or the massed will of the Convocation of Nobility allowing her to retreat into the Nagrech and concentrate on truly becoming the Master of Primus, which she eventually managed following successful conclusion of The Choice.

The Empress’ complete mastery of the Throne of Glass seems to indicate that those supernatural constraints placed upon membership of the Senate are not quite so important. In fact, early in her reign, she took the decision to widen the Senate’s temporal powers and duties and split it off from the supernatural ones that had been required to maintain the sanity of whoever sat upon the Throne, allowing her to increase the size and remit of the Senate and free her Senators from the supernatural burdens placed upon pervious Senators. She created a Privy Council, that sits above the Lesser Senate but only advised the Senate and is in the main composed of loyal and capable men and women most of whom had served as Senators in the past or served long standing and capable Governors.

The Current Senate

The membership of the Senate has changed over the years. At this time the current membership is as follows

Lord Inquisitor: Apathy

Warlord: Joey Vlasto

Senator for Domestic Affairs: Vacant

Senator for Mercenary Affairs: Willock Anelka

Covenant: Louis Athanyn

Senator for Foreign Affairs: Benkasifa Rapendour

Chancellor: Crepitus

Senatorial Mercenary Representative: Warick Winterbottom

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