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Rising Star Trading, Rumour and Courier Company

The Rising Star Trading Company is a Merchant enterprise seeking to offer expert services to the Mercenary community.

With its main base in Halgar, but with offices in every major town and city in the Empire and beyond, the Rising Star are in a unique position to be able to offer their services to those that work tirelessly for the protection of this Realm.


Although it offers a wide range of services, as of Mai IM 1012 the Rising Star Trading Company's most popular offerings are as follows:

  1. Purchase and sale of potions and scrolls
  2. Publication of the Primal Times

Purchase and sale of potions and scrolls

Many mercenaries spent the time when they aren't saving Primus from hordes of invaderers in the leisurely pursuit of potion or scroll manufacture. From time to time however they may find it difficult to find buyers for their wares, and this is where the RSTC come in.

We offer to purchase any of your goods at reasonable prices and we then look for buyers.

Now you can clearly get a better price for your goods directly from the mercenary community, but if you're looking to offload a backstock of goods then that's where we can help. We take care not to undermine the prices that mercenaries charge each other, but simply look to offer you a market where you may have difficulty finding one yourself

Pre-Paid Ressurection and Annimation services

The Rising Star has previously offered Pre-Paid Ressurection and Annimation services but due to an attack on the company it was forced to stop offering this service for the foreseeable future.

Publication of the Primal Times

Although the RSTC will often make a market for valuable information, our operatives often find information that is useful to the entire mercenary community, and as a service to our customers we publish this information for little or no cost to all. The Primal Times is a periodical which aims to record the notable actions of your peers and also to provide information on the threats that have come to our attention. Just an extra service provided to you all by the Rising Star and Trading Company.

Company History

The Rising Star and Trading Company was given its Marque early in IM 1009

The Company was formed by a number of newly retired mercenaries. Those involved in the company formation are the surviving members of a company of mercenaries who decided that the time was right for a change of pace and using their pooled wealth they formed alliances to start The Company.

In Martius IM 1012 the Rising Star welcomed Sire Halfblack of Halfblack Holdings as an Associate Partner in the company.

In Mai IM 1012 the company was attacked by unknown assailants. Rufus was found dead in his Halgar home and the Company's rituals of Resurrection were disrupted. No evidence or scrying has pointed towards any suspects.

The Company Core

Gideon Tanner

Rufus Wolf (Deceased)

Daniel Rivers

Lournaros Wildfire

Sebastian Wing

Anath Halfblack

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