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The Ratfolk scurried into the Empire in the last years before the Final Dawn of the 2nd Age, demanding they were owed a city of their own after destroying an enemy of the Empire, a task known only to the then Gaius Kith Kaharn, himself avatar of the Ratgod, subsequently declared renegade by the Lord Inquisitor Watching-Owl. After a failed attempt to seize Thimon, some of the Ratfolk allied with the Empire, and others returned to their dark warrens to plot and scheme.


The rats can be broken down into the following types of breeds, the later of which may be selected as a player character option defining what character professions are available to you.


When choosing to play a Ratfolk, you need to choose a Clan or ‘Tribe’ from which to have come. Each of these tribes have their own advantages, reflecting the rich variance in the Ratfolk. Where the word tribe is used, this should not be taken to mean that Ratfolk are tribal in the manner of other Labyrinthian races – they are not. They do not have witchdoctors and shamen, and do not buy abilities available to tribal creatures, nor are they barred from buying abilities which tribal creatures cannot buy.

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