Raiment of the Weaver

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The Raiment of the Weaver is a group of artefacts created throughout the ages, brought together and then hidden to prevent any one person from controlling all of them. Rumour has it that an individual wearing or carrying all these artefacts would be able to stride across Primus commanding commoner and gods at a whim.

Now scattered across Primus, they are from time to time uncovered by Mercenaries until inevitably lost once again, only to turn up a while later in a different place.


The Hood of the Disenchanter

Supposedly stripping power from the bearer, but allowing them in return to strip power from a multiplicity of artefacts, and absorb power from spells into themselves.

The Hood of the Disenchanter was last seen in the possession of JJ, the Knight Warmage.

The Axe of the Annunciator

The Axe is reputed to sunder power in artefacts and individuals.

The Axe of the Annunciator was last seen in the possession of a group of druids. The shaft cover of the Axe was recovered on the Isle of Ji in Juon IM1011. Although who currently has it, is unknown.

The Blade of the Unconquered

The Blade is empowered such that it can slay anything, and should the strength of its wielder fail then it will continue the battle until all enemies have been defeated.

The Blade of the Unconquered has not been seen in some time.


Also known as "The Gauntlet of Everyman".

It allows the bearer to take on the essence of any person in existence and empowers them such that they may interact with any person. The Til'Karl has not been seen in some time.

The Magister's Robes

Also known as "The Adornment of the Archmage" or "The High Priest's Mantle".

They are a nexus for power, such that as it is used it flows into the wearer, allowing them to supplant their own abilities.

The Magister's Robes have not been seen in some time.

The Wand of Ash

Also known as "The Rod of the Destroyer"

A short, blackened wooden wand. It has the capacity to turn numerous things to ash or dust, including artefacts of power and indeed people.

The Wand of Ash has not been seen in some time.

The Demonhead

A necklace bearing a demon's head with glowing red eyes. It was last seen at being worn by Gorias Darkwater who sought to invade the Heartlands with a demon army in around IM230.


Also known as "The Bracer of Command"

A bracer that apparently holds the power to command Primal Gods, and force them into an action. Understood to be in possession of the Chancellor, Earl White.

The Crown of Dominion

Also known as "The Tiara of the Seductress"

A Crown that bestows intense charisma upon the bearer, making their will extremely difficult to resist.

Understood to be in the possession of Drool.

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