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I was introduced to D&D/AD&D table top back when I was a wee lass of 17 by my future husband, Andy. I soon found myself hooked as I've always enjoyed reading copious numbers of SF and Fantasy books, and this was another way to get my fix. When we found out about Live Role Playing for the first time and saw the advert for Labyrinthe in the old Dragon magazine I couldn't resist tagging along with the Uni Crew. And WOW! It was fun. I got to dress up in some really cool outfits and actually play out the role of those 'heroines' in the books.. sort of...

Honestly, I haven't really looked back since. I managed to travel up with them pretty much every trip to the caves (every 6 months or so) until eventually real life took over and we had to stop. (Booo hiss...)

Some years later however Andy and I moved up to London, an lo and behold found Labyrinthe still running. Whoot! Well, it didn't take us long to become regular faces, both as players and Ref/ monster team. We rapidly made many new friends and found some old ones and it gave me an excuse to make more costume.. The opportunity arose to buy Labyrinthe and well that, as they say, was that. Andy, Phil and Duncan jumped at the chance.

For all my sins I volunteered to run the Armoury and now have a fantastic Team to help out. Between us we ensure the Refs and their monster crews are kitted out with a variety of costumes weapons and strange and unusual props to help make everyones day enjoyable. If I have any spare time I also make the odd piece of costume, but mainly I love popping out and about looking for other bits and pieces that can be used for Props..(besides what girl wouldn't use an excuse to shop) you'd be amazed some of the stuff we've bought recently... lol. I also enjoy prop-setting special rooms for refs too, just to add that little wow factor for the particular encounters. It's all just another excuse for me to practise my otherwise stiffled artistic side.. (chuckle)

So, if that age old saying “No rest for the Wicked..” is anything to go by, I can only assume I've been a very, very bad girl.

Rachael is a member of the CMT

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