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Primus is the name given to the world in which the majority of the Labyrinthe LRP adventures are set. Some events and adventures may occasionally take place beyond the boundaries of Primus but generally are set within this area. Think of it as like being one galaxy in the universe, it’s not everything but it’s pretty damn big with plenty of room for wonder and marvels. Following on from the analogy that makes Primus our local galaxy The Exostance is the equivalent term for the universe. All that exists is found somewhere within the vastness of the uncharted exostance.

It is worth being aware that Primus is flat and is referred to as a plane, what’s at the edges is a little bit fuzzy, Imperial Scholars would have you believe that it is what is at the centre that is important, that of course being the Empire, and that the further one gets away from the centre the less of importance one would encounter and the less significant its affect on The Exostance. It is a scholarly belief that what happens at “The Centre of All things” radiates with ripples of effect outwards across the many worlds and planes that touch upon or Primus or exist further outwards into The Exostance.

The Geography of Primus

The more familiar parts of Primus are divided into four regions, the Empire at its heart, The Southern Baronies, Ishma and The Far North.

The Empire

The Empire is where most Adventurers, referred to as the Mercenary Caste originate from. It is the home to the Great Guilds, the influential organised religions and Churches and is without doubt the most civilised part of Primus. The greatest remaining cities on Primus: Alguz, Bildteve, The City of Keys, Deci, Eartholme, Gothiel, Halgar, Port Miere, Scarlene, Sellaville, The Rest and Thimon are all found within the bounds of the Empire. With the exception of a few small archipelagos and islands, most notably Port Miere, the general limits of the Empire are formed by four natural boundaries. It extends as far north as the Braekan Mountains, as far east as the Xathrean Ocean, as far south as the Brandin Mountains and as far west as the Tigrean Sea with both mountain ranges stretching from sea to ocean and is consequently divided into five regions: North, East, South, West and the Heartlands. At heart of the Empire is the city of Halgar, at its heart the mystically warded and near impregnable Inner City, home of Imperial Governance and at the heart of that is the great Nagrech Stone, known as the Throne of Glass, upon which sits The Empress, Truic Amora-Badrass. The majority of Mercenaries come from the Empire, for it has long been the great nexus of The Exostance.

The Southern Baronies

The Baronies are south of the Brandin mountains and are a stark and hard land reminiscent of a gothic Eastern Europe. Originally the Southern Baronies were designated as The Dark Baronies by Amora as propaganda because they would not submit to his will, something that also proved a handy means of keeping the people of the Empire in a state of fear of attack that allowed him to keep a tight hold on the Empire, however in these enlightened times they are referred to as The Southern Baronies, or even more so now as just The Baronies. With the exception of Gressen and Takalia the Baronies have few by way of cities and neither of these can compare to the great cities of the Empire.

The people of the Baronies share a great deal with their Imperial cousins but where as the Empire is home to the great Churches and religions the nature of the Baronies is that it despises the following of gods and such is effectively outlawed by the Arathelian Accords of The Circle with the belief that placing ones faith and the responsibility for ones actions in the hands of a supernatural being is ill advised.

The Baronies, unlike the usually peaceful Empire, is constantly at war with demonic forces from other worlds that touch on The Baronies. The Baronies suffer greatly from a phenomenon known as the Mittlenacht a thinning of reality, to a degree, allows other worlds to bleed into Primus and it suffered a set back a decade ago that allowed a force of Demons lead by a being known as The Spiter to conquer part of the Baronies and alter the nature of reality there, reshaping it to become the foul and despoiled The Sunless Lands. At this time though, with the Empire sending additional forces to help The Baronies, war is being waged upon the Sunless and it is, ever so slowly, being pushed back and destroyed one hard fought victory after another as piece by piece the land of men is once more reclaimed from the demonic invaders.


Ishma is the continent that lies west of the Empire across the Tigrean Sea. It is an old place, and the remnants of the first cities on Primus are said to be found here, the original dwelling places of the Laiu one of the races of The Ancients. Most of Ishma is a desert of shifting landscape and changing oases, with ancient ruins being covered and uncovered by the creeping sands.

It is home to The Banished, those who for whatever reason fled the relative safety of the Empire. It is a good place to hide, for few from the lands of the Empire in their right minds would willingly travel to Ishma. The most recent great exodus of Banished into Ishma took place during the reign of Emperor Amora when those who did not agree with him fled the limits of his power, many his own brothers, left to avoid what would undoubtedly be an unpleasant fate at the hands of The Emperor or his Chancellor Madrak.

The Far North

The Far North, sometimes referred to as The High North, is a wild and fantastical place, untamed and seemingly without limit. It is home to Barbarians and other wild tribal creatures that once roamed the lands of the Empire before they were either being driven out or conquered by the Sallow Princes whose descendants now form the Nobles of the Blood. It is often a cold and cruel place, where giants, great beasts and stranger things are encountered with regularity. Little is known to the people of the Empire about the Far North, it is, quite rightly regarded as a place of savages, although quite wrongly regarded as weak. It is home to the old Shaman Ikhala Hordehost, a fell figure amongst the tribes and respected even by his enemies in the Empire.

The Ages of Primus

The current Age is referred to by Scholars as The Third Age but it is well known that Primus is far older than that, how old is not known but it is said that the Primal Spirit lives for a single millennium, a thousand years, before dying and with it the age dies to be reborn or replaced with a new one.

The First Age

Little is known about the First Age. For whatever reasons those that survived the end of the first age with its High Final Dawn that marked the birth of the Second remembered nothing of what had passed before, no doubt part of the very process of surviving the turning of the Ages. In fact, with our own more recent discoveries it seems quite likely that the First Age wasn’t the first age at all. Many are familiar with Amora’s Night of Levity, enacted to make the past a forgotten thing and thus history a tool of his Scribes. Arguably Amora had valid reasons for wanting the truth about the past before his Empire to be clouded as it leant strength and stability to the Empire. Something it very, very badly needed at its inception and birth. For the Empire was born after the terror of those ritual conflicts known as the Choas Wars.

With this in mind perhaps it then becomes possible to understand why those that survived the passing for the First Age might themselves have chosen to forget or hide the legacies of the First Age. Primus, however, does not like secrets, and it is part of the nature of Primus that knowledge is rarely truly lost. Whilst fragmented secrets from the First Age are now being pieced together. Certain major events from the First Age are known to us.

It must be understood that Primus, at one time, was a far far smaller place than it is now. Indications are that originally it extended no further than the borders that make the current empire. The Southern End of the World marked by the Brandin Mountains. The Northern End of the World marked by the Braeken Mountains. The East and West bordered by the Xathrean Ocean and Tigrean Sea. It is unknown as to when Primus grew in a geographical sense but it is possible that such occurred during the First Age.

The Second Age

The Third Age

The Primal Spirit

Primus is a living realm, and wherever thinking living beings dwell their thoughts and emotions imbue that which they revere with a lifeforce and sentience of its own such that in Primus there exists a hierarchy of spirits from the lowly and tribal spirits of rock, brook, stream, tree, place and river right up to the Totems. Although they would deny it the more civilised peoples of the Empire manifests similar spirits, in the form of the City Spirits the living breathing souls of the cities.

Even certain concepts that are important to the daily lives of the common folk are given form by the thoughts and aspirations of the peoples of Primus, with the Primal Deities, or as the tribes call them the Walking Gods becoming the living embodiments of these concepts.

Beyond even the Primal Demigods sit, aloof and hidden away, the Realm Spirits, such as The Empress and The Spiter, who silently engage and oppose each other in an unseen battle that maintains a status quo between, The Realm of Glass and The Sunless Lands, their respective realms.

Lastly, sitting above all other spirits at the top of the pyramid is the watchful World Spirit Primus.

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