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The Nagrech Crystal

Long before the truth of the matter became common knowledge The renowned Imperial Artificer and Scholar, Baron Layendar the Grey, expounded the theory that the Nagrech is in fact an artificial construct. There are clues that point towards its being artificial in origin, the existence of Oeldwych dust for instance. Asides from this little is known of it, or rather little is known to those who do not sit upon it or are its Wardens, and perhaps as all great secrets this is the way that it should remain. Whatever its true nature the Nagrech has become the symbol of the Imperial Reign, though it obviously predates the Empire. The concept of Glass, as the Nagrech is often referred to, has become a symbol of the Empire. The Throne of Glass, The Lake of Glass, the Church of Glass and so forth. But what is known, or what, at the least is widely believed of the Nagrech at this time?

  • The Nagrech controls the flow of faith
  • The Nagrech requires a Master
  • The Nagrech vents entropy
  • The Nagrech sits at the “Heart of Primus”
  • The Nagrech is a favoured place of the Primal Spirit

It is said that through the Throne flows the power of the gods. It is of course entirely possible that it is this belief that makes it so. The singular events of the Nagrech Heresy, propagated by Thor of Talthar, seem to have lead some credence to such a suggestion but some timely diplomacy seems to have weighed strongly enough to prevent a possible catastrophic proving of such a theory.

I have a number of personal theories that I am investigating but until such time as my studies and divinations are complete I will leave you with a treatise by Layendar the Grey.

Nagrech and Reality

“Although my studies regarding the Nagrech have been woefully fragmentary, I hope I can supply at least enough information and theory to provoke some thought in your readers. The Nagrech Crystal is essentially formed of a mystical compound which is perfectly balanced in regards the elements and forces that make up all things - not just the denser forces such as the magical elements or the spiritual energy that is wielded by priests, but also the very principles upon which all things are founded - law, chaos, love, hatred and so forth.

“This inner balance makes Nagrech (if that is the name of the material itself - my studies have not confirmed this as yet) perfect in it's ability to focus and manipulate all things. The power of the Nagrech Crystal, given it's size, positioning and relative purity, makes it so able for it's task that it has been described by a learned scholar as "the only real thing in the exostance" - something of an exaggeration, perhaps, but certainly a perspective that is not so far from the truth. In order to discuss the value of the Nagrech crystal, it would be necessary to first discuss the nature of planar dynamics, pre-exostantial theories and several other related subject matters, most of which are of a large part theoretical. Even a précis of such is beyond the scope of this discussion, so I will instead focus upon how the Nagrech appears to interact with the realm of the realm of the divine, which should be of most interest to your readers.

It is clear that belief and spiritual power have the capability to cross the Aether, but much like water it appears to be their tendency to flow in every direction unless channelled. This is somewhat simplistic - really belief has a tendency to flow towards the divine source that would best represent it, but it is a somewhat limited tendency.

The Nagrech acts like a lens, focussing both the belief from Primus (and the lower, Epidal planes) to the upper, Divine planes, and the Divine power 'downwards' towards Primus, and through the 'lens' to the lower planes. It is in this way that the Nagrech permits the easy flow of power from the higher planes, and thus the formation of organised but locationally remote groups that worship beings and divine sources of power from other planes - those things that we call churches. Every indication is that without it, the flow of belief and power would be limited such that the direct interaction with divine beings from the higher planes would be much more difficult, and the organisation of religious beliefs in churches would be almost impossible in practical terms, as only the most gifted and devout are favoured with direct contact with their deific plane.

It is likely in this case that most religion would take the form of shamanic beliefs - drawing power from the shared divine power of those in the immediate vicinity, and from worship of the so-called 'Primal Deities', although it is not clear how readily these could be worshipped in such a case. All this lends credence to the recent claims that most of the deities currently worshipped on Primus are alien to this place, and the original spiritual practices of Primus, if it serves to make a distinction between aeons, are the oft-derided shamanic and witchcraft practices. Certainly, it would seem that the churches owe a lot to the Nagrech Crystal, and she who sits upon it. Fortunately for them, the Nagrech crystal owes a lot to the churches also, but that is a matter for another discussion entirely.

Baron Layendar The Grey ~ Imperial Scholar

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