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The Magiocracy of Myron[1]

Wise Myron, the home of the learned. The most peaceful of the Magiocracies, Myron was created by the scholars who wanted to remove themselves from the political bickering and power seeking of Glorianave. The ritualists of Myron raised their city over the Icewater and turned their minds inward. Puzzling the mysteries and learning from the Druids and Shamans for comparative knowledge. Practitioners of Divination and Warding, Myron kept itself removed from the rest of the Magiocracies, sealing themselves in a ward that protected them from incursion.

Such a learned lifestyle meant that the work of the fields and the hunt, the lives of the peons were affected little as life went on. The ritualists remained in the many tall towers that dotted the city and rarely even spoke to one another, let alone to the outside world. Content in their safety they idled the ages away and to this day little is know about the nature of the place. The only hard fact is that at the time of the Choas Wars, Myron was split. The youthful members of the state wanted to become involved, to impart what had been discovered to the rest of Primus and bring them to heel for their ‘own good’.

The elders though wanted nothing to do with such material matters and the city became split into two independent states which to this day dislike one another fiercely. Patently this is not the whole story, but none may cross the staked line of death into either state to discover the truth of the stories…

The History of Myron

Formerly the twin cities of Eemyron and Wemyron the two became re-united as one shortly after the birth of the third age. How precisely this occurred is not known but it seems that the Ancients, known as the Eth’Aderacht gained entrance to the city and rapidly conquered it. They then began to make preparations for continuing the war they had been prevented from completing the Laiu centuries before.

The city is a Magiocracy. For those uncertain as to the definition of Magiocracy it is simply this: A place ruled by those of ritual power, ruled by Magiarchs. A form of government that it somewhat given to warfare. And a form of governing that is less than efficient, those states ruled by those who spend their lives investigating the mysteries of mystic and supernatural power are rarely best suited to rule and govern the mundane and simple. The cities of Eemyron and Wemyron were fabled for their insular and scholarly nature which they extremely successfully maintained through use of their infamous Death Wards.

The Magiarchs of Myron are Summoners, they specialise in the Tree of Summoning. A Ritual Tree wisely outlawed by Amora due to the dangers it poses to the world. In short constant summonation weakens the walls of the worlds as with each ritual summonation a hole is punched between worlds to allow what is summoned to enter. The world will eventually repair these holes but if done too will quite simply form tears that are not so easily repaired and even if existing for a relatively short time such holes, or portals, can easily allow the infernal simple entrance to our world even if not specifically called. It seems, much like Mercenaries, Demons and similar cannot resist an open portal when they see it…

They often use the title of Pantathet, meaning one who summons. Specifically they are Invokers, one that that binds power to physical things or calls power from higher beings to themselves. They also use the title Paralorn, an Evoker, one that manipulates the elements. These distinctions are very important within Myron and indeed the titles and ritual power owned will be able to be guessed or at least judged based on this.

Currently the Magiarchs society is power is in flux as they attempt to establish a new social and political structure beneath their Eth'Adaracht conquerors. The city is not a city in the sense of any imperial city, but rather a collection of Magiarchs demesnes with some squalor in between. This has its benefits, but also makes some things more difficult. There are a few places of common ground that all care for but not many.

Additionally whilst their armies are summoned this is not in the normal sense. Rather than a ritual that calls forth beings they have used gates and portals to travel to other worlds and draw them forth. They are loyal and varied in their nature..

This means they have no need to keep a standing army but so long as they are able to maintain their rites and portals are able to draw upon forces from the many worlds to fight for them.

At the Final Dawn of IM 1008, for the first time in probably living memory with the yearly failing of the Death Wards they did not reinstate them. They now have armies on the march and whilst we believe their ultimate goal is to make war with The Spiter, The Horned God of the Sunless Lands to the South, the Empire has the unenviable position of being caught in the middle and represents, no doubt, resources for their war effort. We know at this time they are targeting specific places within the empire, and that they are specifically attacking the Elven Vales.

The Unification of Myron

Using a very special knife the City Spirits were both killed at the Dawn, and a single new one was made and invested with Daemonic power. Due to the unprimal nature of the City Spirit, it started to cause demonic rips in reality and allow greater access and demonic summonation power to come to play, manipulating this they quickly deposed the old 'King and Queen' and started to rule with their own council. Someone within the previous leadership group from both cities was instrumental in allowing these things to happen. Someone of Sallow Blood, who may or may not have caught Tallows, a Repudiare of an ancient line.

Or so I heard from a bloke who heard it from a Sailor, who had been a contact with a Magician, who had visited the Twins in order to trade in human slaves, who had told a Molly that had gotten drunk on Lemon'ave...

Knave, The Inquisition

Recent Events Relating to Myron

IM 1009


A pair of Twisted Ones are released in Gothiel by a Myronese ritualist by the name of Irbyl of the Third Face. Count Saldana quickly surmises their purpose, that being to kill The Great Alg which, effectively exiled from its home by Talthar was living in the Barony of Capstone. The Senate quickly despatched forces lead by William Chance to deal with the threat. Colonel Chance assembled a group, using his past experience in combatting Twisted Ones and their ability to drain Magical and Spiritual powers, that he best believed would suit the task, bringing along the druids Sigurd and Truft. Unfortunately no one had foreseen or taken into account the fact that The Great Alg is a Nature Spirit and the Twisted Ones set after it were designed very much with the idea of combatting such drudical power, which proved somewhat problematic but despite certain "setbacks" the Mercenaries were successful in stoppig and killing the Twisted Ones before they reached The Great Alg.

Final Dawn

At the Final Dawn marking the end of IM 1009 and the beginning of IM 1010 a great battle was fought, a battle that would in all likelihood be the first Great Battle of the Myron war. This was The Battle of the River Weep. It was fought north of Alguz not far from the pass where the Forces of Myron would need to travel to enter Alguz and the further lands of the Empire.

The battle was vicious and the Empire’s élite helds, the most notable amongst them:

Joey and his small band of 101st had taken up the line and the powerful Magery of Kelvar the Blue allowed the White Templars to teleport close to where the battle would draw up in time to take and hold Fort Weep.

A number of ritualists took the battle for the Empire, Kelvar the Blue, Justin The Lefthanded with the 101st, Galdor Bogginson with the Talthari even Senator Saldana brought his ritual arts to bear in the battle.

The Empire was successful but the battle was brutal. Harpell was banished in combat by a great demon from some hell that struck at him. The White Templars took the early brunt of battle, a battle so fierce that even the near indestructible armour that has seen them through many many battles, made for them by the Forge himself was destroyed.

Crucially, at the same time, in the far North, another battle that would impact on the Empire was fought. Ikhala, had, as was his custom brought his forces to meet those of the Gathen but this year there was something different. This year the Gathen had moved early. This year they had been summoned by the Magiarchs of Myron at the behest of the Eth’Aderacht. The Myronese had enacted a great Turbulence Rite that brought a corridor of the Deathly season to the High North early leading straight from the lands of the Gathen towards the Empire and the Gathen followed this, almost catching Ikhala’s élite forces, the Red Bought, off guard.

Ikhala sent his own summons to Watching-Owl who mustered the armies of the Empire’s tribes at Tar Edroul to quickly travel north and fight this unusually savage threat. With him went Theign Shadow of the Thrice, Nichal Dror Bael, of the Shedeff, King Drago of Keys, Pork Pye of the Holy Kow, Berek Fletcher of Eartholme, Aerlisseroth The Hostile of Trovil. They joined the sacred war of the tribes to stand against the Gathen at The Battle of Tar Meadwecka.

And as the Empire fought to defend Alguz the Tribes fought to defend the Empire’s northern reaches. They were able to drive back the Gathen, all but the most powerful, she known as Awlis First Wife. A fearsome entity.

Why the Myronese attempted to summon the Gathen is not truly known but it has been suggested that the nature of the Gathen as the remaining Bodies of the Ancients who transcended physical form and became the Laiu might provide in some way bodies for the banished Eth'Aderacht such that they can more fully act upon Primus once more.

IM 1011

A contingent of Knights of the Land travelled up the Icewater to a part of Myron known as the Water Tower to destroy a huge Undine that had been summoned by the Myronese to act as guardian of the way. It was the intention of this élite hit squad to remove this obstacle to later action by Imperial Troops. The Mercenaries were met somewhat with a little surprise to find that what they encountered was infact an Efreeti Demon and Pasha of Fire by the name of Baf-rav-el and thus not quite as prepared for battle as they might have been, however they were, with some casualties successful and it would be sometime before the Myronese could replace whatever creature of flame they had bound in servitude. It seemed that the original intelligence provided by an Imperial Agent relating to the Salamander had been confused in retelling by Harpell, most likely due to its location in The Water Tower...

For more details see Mercenary Report: The Water Tower

IM 1013

By the end of IM 1013, after a solid year of campaigning and fighting by numerous Imperial Forces, the city of Five Towers had fallen and Myron lay in tattered ruins, but single tower remained that contained the Great Gate to other Worlds and was now under the control of Imperial Forces. With the flow of the Icewater now somewhat interfered with by a partial dam a lake began to form where the city had been and the four piles of rubble that had been four of the five floating towers began to be submerged.

Reports on Myron

Mercenary Report: The Water Tower

A quick report on the Knights of the Land mission to the Icewater Pass to deal with the large undine. Firstly it's NOT an undine. It's an efreeti demon, a pasha of fire from the Athfash ban Mir named Baf-rav-el. If it were 'released' or dealt with wrongly it could expand and fire would wash through the pass harming our troops there. The confusion as to it being an undine may come from the fact that it was within 'The Water Tower'. The Water Tower ,if you are not aware, is a place of power it may have been the previous centre of Primus, possibly the stump of Primus, the place upon which all others rested. If Primus were to fall,this might be the last place to go.

It is essentially a mountain riddled with tunnels and is divided by 'locks' in the sense of canals. Parts of the Water Tower arenot even upon Primus, these lock essentially divide the place into compartments. To travel through them you need a key - it may be possible to reset such things. The key opens an iron door that is guarded by a golem of blacklead. The key stripped you of supernatural power.

Beyond the door was a small corridor that ended with another iron door - to open it you needed to think about your destination within the Water Tower (so we went to the chambers of the efreet. There are many compartments and the Water Tower contains around 100 helds,comprising of those who have been defeated over the years by the people of Primus, some are simply for hire. We obtained the key from a group of ophidians (snake people) known as the Cult of Kalaban who have been used as infiltrators.

The efreeti itself was slain (it could pour forth salamanders from itself) by the actions of Lord of Battle, David Stone, Knight Reliants Garrick & Bob, Governor Asta Khan of Eartholme, Barney of the Cartographers Guild, Knight Reliant Tidus, Andric of Dead Heroes and myself. Garrick was slain in the conflict and certainly deserves some sort of commendation. Unfortunately it was was able to reconstitute itself ,but weakened fled back to the Athfash Ban Mir through a fiery portal which it then closed. However the power from the 'shrine' to the Mother, Father and the Child (Myronese ??) faded. I believe this was by and large a success, the creature was driven away, it seemed to be a willing ally of the Myronese - it may be a while before it can be resummoned/return. Possibly with its name if we had skilled summoners they could summon it from Ishma and bind it and trap it.

I hope this information is useful. I am curious why intelligence suggested it was an undine, was it simply the name 'Water Tower' ? - I understand that errors happen particularly in time of war but we were somewhat fortunate, since we were prepared to fight the opposite element. The creature fell to Barney's blades though I should say everyone more than did their part. This is relatively brief, I will make a further report once I have consulted my notes.

Nev DeVille, Knight Reliant Steward of Ochrefel Governor of Mordred's Rest


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