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The Mercenary Caste

The Mercenary Caste are one of the most remarkable things about Primus, referred to as Adventurers, Heroes, or Villains, The Accursed, The restless ones, or even by some as The Immortal Ones for they are blessed, or some would have it, cursed, with Vitae. For “Mercenary Caste” is but the most recent name given to those individual who contain the spark of vitae.

It is Vitae that gives a Mercenary their strength, focus and ability to perform supernatural feats, to take a beating that would kill a common man let still raise his head for more and to still give as good back. To stand as a lone individual against an army as a lone rock might stand against the tide.

It is Vitae that allows them to remain unaffected by and perceive those changes in reality that might be brought around by the manipulations of the great powers.

It is Vitae that makes the Mercenary malleable of mind, body and spirit, able to transform from one race into another, whether a Man to ascend mere flesh and blood to become an Angel, an Orc to sink into the form of a shadowy demon, an Elf into the purest essence of magic or any other of thousands of mystical creatures, whether benign, ambivalent or malignant.

And it is Vitae that grants the Mercenary their greatest trick, which allows them to claw their way back from death. Through certain arts, usually Priestly Miracles or Druidic Evocations, those with Vitae can be resurrected a limited number of times. And even then should they exhaust the chance to be so returned once their bodies have been broken beyond such repair it is vitae that drives their spirits or essence onwards to be reborn and reincarnated to restart the cycle that is their charmed and endless life.

Amora realised the great potential of these virtually immortal individuals and through certain laws recognised The Mercenary Caste. He charged The Mercenary Caste with the defence of his young Empire, where their superhuman skills able to act where no common man could, where mere armies were simply not enough.

To this day one of the most definitive or the Empire’s Laws is this: Should a Mercenary slay another then they are immediately Outlawed, regardless of circumstance and without trial.

Even now the Mercenaries have an overwhelming desire to travel, to adventure to quest in the impossible places of certain death, to leap through supernatural portals to other places without a care for what might lie beyond. To charge into the fray without little consideration of the result. To stand and protect the weak even though it mean their own destruction. In creating a force to protect the Empire and Primus it would seem that Amora’s legacy remains. Although, some, most notably the Tribes of the Far North, doubt the benign nature of those few tens of thousand sparks of vitae that inhabit our world it is a fact that without a doubt the Empire would have fallen decades ago to any of the great invading forces of other worlds if those with Vitae had not stood and been counted.

As was Amora’s desire, whenever the Empire has been threatened it has been Mercenaries that have sprung into action and in the Third Age it seems that such is required even more so at the passing of that most ritually significant time of the year: The Final Dawn.

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