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He, or she, who sits upon the Nagrech is referred to as the Master, or Mistress, of Primus. They are given the power to control the flow of belief as is it permeates through Primus and to the realms beyond.

In recent history there have been two periods when the throne was unoccupied, the first, known simply as the Masterless Time followed the removal of Emperor Amora and without an Emperor on the Throne dangerous levels of Entropy slowly began to manifest without proper guidance. The attempted venting of such entropy however partially failed leading to the destruction of Gileenim.

During the second such period when there was no living Master of Primus to regulate the Nagrech the very blood of the Sallow, quite literally, was used to sustain the Throne. Following the assassination and the final vanquishing of the spirit of Emperor Michael I during The Mittlesmith Vexathaccor’s Throne of Wood Crisis the blood of Michael’s children was used to stabilise the Throne. An act of great sacrifice by Truic Badrass before she became Empress. An act necessary no doubt due to the direct assault on the Primal Reality by the Mittlesmith Vexathaccor.

God Emperors

It is interesting to note that amongst the many mooted qualities that allow for a sane Master of Primus, or at least those uncovered by Lord Inquisitor Watching-Owl during his period of investigation into the various rites of Coronation, is mortality. It was mooted by Watching-Owl that perhaps part of the problem associated with the sanity of the Masters of Primus might in itself lie with a process of partial deification. As has been noted previously the process by which a mortal may ascend can quite simply cause insanity.

Now it is a well known fact that eventually the strength of mind of a Master of Primus is slowly, but not irreparably, broken by fulfilling the role of Master of Primus.

Since very few mortals have the power to remain sane by deification the insanity that seems to eventually grip each who sit upon the Nagrech for any length of time may simply be a result of the mistaken belief in a “God-Emperor” by their subjects. The attribution and hence eventual manifestation of divine traits within a mortal without the ability to control or use them leads to insanity.

It is not too hard to envisage a situation whereby a long standing, successful Master of Primus is viewed as a god by his subjects and that belief seeks to take reality. The Master, already tied to the Forces that are Primus and Empire, simply cannot draw upon or resist this deification and is driven insane by it.

Whatever the truth of the matter it would, on the face of it, seem unwise to allow a Master of Primus to be thought of as divine. Even if it is as simple as not angering those greater Forces who’s flow of power is regulated through the Nagrech by the Master of Primus. Those other Forces who may well deem it an offence that a deity exists by virtue of “stolen” power as would arguably be the case for a deified Master of Primus.


Since the original investigations above, nearly a decade ago, it is common knowledge that Empress Truic Amora-Badrass has truly mastered the Throne of Glass, retained her sanity and in the process become Realm Spirit of Glass, causing her to be worshipped as the Goddess-Empress.

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