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All Magic in the world is powered by Mana. The Source of this Mana are the Mana Dragons. There are differing legends pertaining to their origins but that regarded by most as being the correct one is that the Mother of the Dragons laid two clutches of eggs. The first and batch formed the Elemental Dragons. The second batch, the Mana Drakes, hatched much later and only became of age where they might bless the world with their magics close to the end of the Second Age.

The Elemental Dragons

There are seven Elemental Mana Dragons, each of which are are referred to by various names:

  • The Black Mana Dragon, Dragon of Darkness, Dragon of Night, The Serpent, The Horned Serpent or Drakkon Vacuous.
  • The Blue Mana Dragon or Dragon of Air or Drakkon Tempestuous
  • The Green Mana Dragon, Dragon of Water or Drakkon Aquas
  • The Grey Mana Dragon, Dragon of Twilight, Drakkon Arcaardis
  • The Red Mana Dragon, Dragon of Fire or Drakkon Furious
  • The White Mana Dragon, Dragon of Light, Dragon of Cold or Drakkon Photis

The Hue or Metallic Drakes

  • The Bronze Drake, Drake of Dominion and Control
  • The Ebony Drake, Drake of Deception and Deceit
  • The Gold Mana Drake, Drake of Friendship and Alliance
  • The Ivory Drake, Drake of Honour and Truth
  • The Silver Mana Dragon, Dragon of Knowledge

NOTE: The Silver Drake is actually now a Mana Dragon, being the first of the Drakes to mature into a Dragon due to the efforts of one of its most loyal servants, Anacrities.

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