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The Magiocracies were the result of the most powerful ritualists, Magiarchs, believing that years of being ensconced in chambers learning ritualism and perfecting their rites to the exclusion of all else made them the ideal rulers for the land... In hindsight allowing such men with little social contact or empathy to rule might seem a pretty poor idea as was discovered when their pride and belief in their power lead them to go to war with their neighbours, the final and worst of these being the mis-spelt Chaos War that threatened to envelop and bring Primus to the brink of destruction as had happened in the First Age.

The Greater Magiocracies


The Magiocracy of Dachtan in concert with Voradal was based in what now forms the Southern Baronies.


The Magiocracy of Glorianave was based about the heart of Primus with Halgar at its centre giving them the advantage of the Throne of Glass.


The Magiocracy of Kessleharn was based about what is now Bildteve. They specialised almost exclusively with the Decay Tree, the power of necromancy, to raise the dead and commanded great undead armies.


The Magiocracy of Myron was but a single city clustered about the River Icewater in the Northern edges of the Empire. It was, until finally destroyed by the Empire at the end of IM 1013, the only Magiocracy to survive intact and resist either Amora's founding of the Empire or the formation of the Southern Baronies as in the case of Voradal and Dachtan.


The Magiocracy of Oelhave was based about a great Iron Citadel in the North. At some point those of the Citadel were forced to leave and banished away from their power, far to the west, beyond Ishma even to the barren wastelands known as Bourthek, where even the gods did not go. Their descendants becoming the Farfolk.


The Magiocracy of Seval was based about the power of the Volcano in the Brandins in what is now Sellaville. They specialised in rites of Fire


The Magiocracy of Voradal in concert with Dachtan was based in what now forms the Southern Baronies.

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