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Born a cousin to Gideon Athanyn (who would later grow to become the Patriarch of House Athanyn) Louis had all the joys of a privileged upbringing with very little by way of responsibility. Childhood had nothing but fond memories with a quality Education and plenty of resources to help him pursue his many dreams and aspirations, Arcane learning being his favourite way to spend his time. His father however was not approving of his Sons soft way of life and decided that the best way to up his social standing and “man him up” a bit was a spell in the family’s attached legion “The Shield of Glorianave”.

He started as an apprentice to the Legions Quartermaster where he has remained ever since, taking on the role of Quartermaster in recent months. Before the Legion and Family found itself in exile due to an act of treachery from other Jealous houses Louis had managed to accrue some personal holdings, lands and a small Tower where he tried to hone his Magic’s behind closed doors. Unbeknownst to him it was these private studies that would shape his future. All of this was privately funded thanks to his not insignificant pay from the Legion choosing not to rely on his family any longer than he had to in the hope of earning a little more respect from his father.

During the exile of the Legion was where Louis’ life really began to take shape, the soldiers of the legion began to starve to death and although he was well looked after due to his position the prospect of the ever dwindling supplies scared him. The Legion was still fiercely loyal to the Empire and through this a piece of Nagrech had begun to channel some greater power reanimating the dead such that they might serve for eternity. Still not comfortable with a slow death through starvation Louis prepared a phylactery to harness his soul and with a slither of the shards power enacted a rite through his noble blood to slay him and create him anew as a Lich. With a fresh sense of Purpose Louis looked ahead to a future of service to the troops, Quartermaster being the last thing they needed right now, new boots and uniform being of little use to the living dead of the 11th Imperial Legion he turned his attentions back to Magic. With alchemical and spiritual healing being of no use to the men Louis formed bonds and pacts with the Ivory Drake, following her code she in turn granted Louis the spells required to strengthen their being and easing the wounds they would suffer with Ivory Might.

After the Covenant came and found the Island offering a new place in the Empire things have been progressing at pace, Louis is fast trying to find where he fits in this new Empire larger than he remembers it. Since returning he has followed his Cousin Gideon who formed the Halls of Glass and attached himself to the church of Iron and Empire advising them on magical matters where possible, doing the Churches will seemed a way to do the Empires while learning where his talents might best be put to use.

Following the destruction of his Liche form he returned to continue in service as a Vampire.

He has risen high and currently sits upon the Senate as The Covenant.

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