Legion Intelligence Department

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The Legion Intelligence Department, more commonly known by its acronym, LID, served as Amora’s intelligence gathering body, lead by the eminently capable Destralia Von Morfos, who disappeared, presumed killed, during the original attempt on the life of Emperor Stoneheart just prior to the High Final Dawn.

With Destralia’s absence the department fell into by the wayside, much of its duties and resources drawn into the Inquisition, which was expanding greatly at the time under the leadership of Watching-Owl who was not one to miss a trick to increase the Inquisition’s effectiveness, remit and tangentially his own influence…

It has lain mostly a forgotten department since then although with the appointment of Colonel Chance as the new warlord in IM 1011, a man who specialises very much in the arts espoused by the old LID, one can only imagine that it will be a matter of time before the department is resurrected in some form or other, if he has not already done so on the quiet…

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