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Guide to adding information to the Labyrinthe Wiki

First of all thanks for being interested in adding information to the wiki. The Wiki is a resource for club members to add information - for the information here to grow as the gameworld grows - and your input is vital in making this Laby-Wiki a success.

How to submit

Login Details

The first thing you will need to do is register on the wiki. Anyone can search for information on the wiki, but to submit data you will need to log in.

When you create your account be sure to use a username that the CMT or wiki moderators can recognise you by. The intent of the wiki is for club members to submit data, so repeated inapproprate submissions by people that are not registered Labyrinthe club members will result in accounts being rejected and posts being removed.


To submit a new page one easy way is to search for the page you want to enter. If the page exists already then you can select to edit the page to add your additional information. If it doesn't exist then you will be asked if you want to create the page - click on that and type away. Once you have saved the page it will not be viewable until it has been checked by a moderator.


We moderate submissions for a number of reasons.

We want to make sure that the page is categorised appropriately to make it as easy as possible for people to find the information that you have submitted.

We also want to make sure that the entry is appropriate for this wiki, and that it satisfies the guidelines that we have provided below. Its important for us to also try to make sure that copyright issues are considered carefully. We try to make sure that no copyright is infringed, but if anyone feels that their copyright may be affected by any given entry then please comment the page and we will do our best to take appropriate action. It is not the intention of this site to infringe any copyright.


What follows are some suggestions that we hope you find useful in deciding what to post and how not to have the moderators edit your submissions:

  1. Ensure that copyrighted material is not submitted unless you are the copyright owner and are happy for the Labyrinthe Wiki to have unfettered access and use of the submission.
  2. Don't post information from Labyrinthe rulebooks. The moderators have added background information from some sourcebooks to the wiki already, but anything system related is protected by copyright and should not be posted on this wiki. This includes guild abilities.
  3. Try to make sure that any submissions have a category applied to them. See formatting guidelines below. Where possble try to use the categories listed on the main page
  4. Where possible provide dateline information on your submissions. Words like "currently" or "recently" for example quickly lose their relevance, whereas "in Januar IM 1011" will retain meaning over the years
  5. Try to avoid contenscious claims. Phrases like "the best in the world", "the biggest tavern", "the best pies in the Empire" should be avoided and will often be subject to moderation
  6. The Laby-Wiki isn't designed for discussion or argument. Feel free to use the "discuss this page" feature if you disagree with a page, or provide additional edit information. The Labyrinthe forums are the place for discussion rather than this wiki


When making a submission it would be really helpful if you can format it as well. Moderators will look to format posts to keep the quality of the appearance of the wiki to a high standard, but you can help by using formatting where appropriate.

  • To link a page to a category insert [[Category:CategoryName]] either at the start or end of your submission, using one of the existing category names in the blank
  • To make text italic either use <i>Italic Text</i> at either end of the passage or two apostrophes: ''Italic Text''
  • To make text bold either use <b>Bold Text</b> at either end of the passage or three apostrophes: '''Bold Text'''.
  • To make a passage bold and italic use five apostrophes: '''''Bold and Italic Text'''''
  • Where appropriate link words to other pages - even if the link page doesn't exist. So if you have a phrase saying "Halgar is on Primus" then you could link the words "Halgar" and "Primus" to their respective pages on the wiki by enclosing each word in double square brackets
[[Halgar]] is on [[Primus]] gives Halgar is on Primus.
If the page exists then the link will appear in blue - if it doesn't exist yet then the link will appear in red. You can add the page by clicking the link and entering the information on that subject there.
  • To add a pseudonym use the | character to separate the two words, with the first word being one which will not show on the text and the second being shown. So [[Apple|Pear]] will have the word pear show in the sentence but link to the pear wiki page - Pear
  • When titling your page, please do not use the ampersand symbol (&) as this causes issues in viewing the page.

Much more detailed information can be found by consulting the User's Guide or FAQ for information on using the wiki software.

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