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The owners of this website would like to stress the following points:

(1) It is not our intention for any entries on this website to infringe any copywrite that may or may not exist. All page entries to this wiki are moderated in an attempt to ensure that there are no copywrite infringements, but if anyone feels that there is an entry that may infringe an existing copywrite then please do contact us and we will do our utmost to verify and amend the page appropriately.

(2) In making entries to this Labyrinthe Wiki you give permission for the owners of Labyrinthe UK Ltd to use the information submitted in any way they deem appropriate

(3) The intention is that thsi wiki is available for everyone to access information, and for Labyrinthe club members to post page submissions. If you are not a Labyrinthe club member then we would request that you do not make submissions to the wiki. For information on becoming a club member please refer to

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