Knights of the Land

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Knights of the Land
Motto Shield on arm, sword in hand, brothers together we defend the Land.
Lord Knight Tai
Lord Voice Gimly
Lord Unity Remstar
Guild Type Social


Knights of The Land

Due to the legendary actions of the Knights, and in particular of Rivan Trakand, the guild is now Eternal. As such, as long as Rivan remains active (in HoTE and/or LRP) then the guild will never loose its basic tiered abilities.

Knights Orders

Knight of Battle, Knight of the Watch, Knight Seeker and Knight Arcaanus


In joining the knights you swear a vow never to attack another member of the guild. Should you break this vow, accidentally or otherwise, the Lord Knight or a majority vote of Lords of Orders can cast you out of the guild for treachery – thus it can be very important to be sure who you are hitting in the dark! It is rare that Tribal creatures can join as the normally cannot understand / keep to the vow, if they are able to and are willing to then they may join the Knights of the Land.


The Knights exist to protect the Land, now commonly referred to as Primus, and its people. In order to better function as an order, the Knights treat one another as brothers, seeking at all times to protect and nurture our fellows. This, however, does not hold more importance than the fundamental reason for our existence - the protection of the Land and its people. No cause, whether religious or political, can take precedence over this. Thus, whilst anyone is welcome to join the Knights, there will always be those whose views and (more importantly) activities are not compatible. It is not, for example, fitting behaviour for a Knight of the Land to sacrifice innocent peasants to dark gods. Furthermore, the Knight's brotherhood is not a hiding place for those who seek only safety for themselves.


You must not harm knights directly or indirectly and are required to help each other to the extent of sharing all equipment during an adventure, acting honourably and without treachery at any time. A knight will never hide his membership as it is a thing to be proud of. No level or points are earned from an adventure if a fellow knight is left behind on an adventure, dead or alive. It should be clear that once a knight of the Land has been ‘cast out’ for whatever reason they may not rejoin the guild. At the beginning of each adventure each knight must announce his presence by clearly and audibly affirming his oath:

“Shield on arm, sword in hand, Brothers together, we defend the land”

Failure to perform as above may result in the knight being ~ cast out ~ as detailed below:

1) He may never again be Immune to Fear.

2) If he ever fights another knight of the land all previous knight of the land abilities are applied in reverse.

3) Any knight cast out for cowardice will never be able to use a sword or shield again. Cowardice involves leaving another knight of the land behind on an adventure (alive or dead)

4) Any knight who refused aid to another knight or for acts of treason will never again be able to use strength in combat.

5) Any knight cast out for acts of treason suffers -6 Max. AC to attacks to his back, from surprise or from range.

The Lord Knight has decreed that those outlawed for party-killing may not remain members of the guild. The only circumstances in which there may be clemency are if the killing occurred in defence of a Knight of the Land, even self. If you believe this to be the case for you, speak to the Lord Knight quickly, as unless your guild membership is countersigned by the Lord Knight or the Game System Manager you may not adventure while a party-killing outlaw and a Knight. NOTE: As has always been the case those guild benefits granted by the KotL Social Guild fully stacks with those granted by the four Knight’s Orders (Battle, Arcannus, Seekers and Watch).

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