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Magiarch Kerisdorn

Kerisdorn was a Magiarch of Glorianave. He, along with his wife Maya, was part of the Ambrul experiment that formed Woland's Brood or The Brood. During the events of The Choice he was killed by his own brother Earl Natal to prevent him from recreating Glorianave and thus shattering the peace of the Empire.

Acts of Significance

Various acts of historical significance were committed by Kerisdorn

Damming The Rivers

It was Kerisdorn, assisted by Maya, who captured the River Spirits and destroyed all the rivers bar The Alg in an attempt to give Glorianave an advantage over the other Magiocracies.

The Resurrection of Glorianave

The Glorianave Magiocracy was wise enough to foresee its own demise and cunning enough to prepare for it. This preparation took the form of the Ambrul. In short a number of its greatest heroes were fused with various divine powers and placed in an artificial stasis to awake when certain specific events occurred. On awakening they were to perform a number of tasks that would see Glorianave reborn. In this they were lead by the legendary General, Methac Woland. However the Magiarchs of Glorianave knew Woland to be a supremely honourable man and could not be sure that he would do what they wanted. Kerisdorn was their insurance he was to stand in the shadows and ensure that matters would transpire as Gloraianave would wish, having a certain hold over Woland.

Ultimately he failed in this due to the actions of large numbers of Inquisition lead Mercenaries.

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