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Jonas of Mistmore is a powerful mage and member of The Circle. Jonas was born and raised in the village of Mistmore a few miles North of Takalia. This land was contested by The Southern Baronies and The Empire until recent times where Takalia and the surrounding land once again became part of The Southern Baronies.

Jonas' magical talents were discovered at a young age by traveling vochstelen and he was taken to Coris Mount to train in ritualism and magic. In around IM1002 Jonas was sent North to The Empire to become a mercenary and gain experience and mastery over his powers. Over the years Jonas became more and more powerful, gaining mastery over all the colours of magic and also learning to manipulate the spirits and bind them to his magics.

Weak of body due to his constant study and ravaged by Entropy from his abuse of the rules of magic and spirits Jonas formed himself a body made of magical and spiritual scrolls. With the help of Amria of the travelling folk Jonas moved his soul and spirit from his body (which it is rumoured remains alive but catatonic in Coris Mount) to the paper golem form it now inhabits. As a paper golem Jonas is able to travel with the powerful mercenary community impervious to most things that would harm a mortal man. Such a transformation always has its costs and those close to Jonas are aware of the difficulties he suffers with his loss of the senses brought by lack of flesh.

Jonas joined the Restless later in their existence. Their wish to defeat The Spiter and The Sunless matching his own desires. His wizardly arts filling their need for a mage. He joined them in The Battle of Vashen Heit when they defeated the disciple of The Spiter there and also during their campaign within Mirrenheim. Jonas was also present when they defeated The Avatar of The Great Beast. The creature could not be destroyed on Primus so Jonas sent it to The Void using black magic then plane shifted The Restless to The Void to fight the creature there. Jonas was also with The Restless in their failed attempt to kill Salas the Deep, another of The Spiter's disciples deep beneath the oceans off the Sunless coast in IM 1009

Jonas' Achievements

Early in his career Jonas was made a Squire of the Empire for protecting a Baron and his land from a dark Baronial plot. This title had to be refused due to the laws surrounding a ban on such titles by The Circle. In 2010 Jonas was named an associate of the Order of Glass.

Jonas carries the tombe of the Grey Mana Dragon having succeeded in completing a fiendish set of mages tests and keeping JJ alive in the process. Jonas gave up his own spell book to complete the test and then finished the long mercenary gathering without a book, only to be awarded the artefact at the end of the mission.

Jonas is probably the only mortal and only mercenary to meet, speak too and survive and audience with The Spiter in recent years. When his friend and fellow Restless member Aerlisseroth was captured by The Spiter, Jonas travelled alone to the secret mountain where The Spiter lives. Gained an audience with The Six Horned God and secured Aerlisseroth's freedom. Why The Spiter let two potent thorns in his side escape remains a mystery.

Jonas carries the Title 'Magiarch of Dachtan' not through any direct link to Dachton but due to possession of a ring 'The Seal of Dachton', an ancient artefact of immense power. Often during mercenary missions his colleagues here Jonas shout the word "Dachton" only to see their foes utterly destroyed as power is unleashed from the ring. The artefact also seems to cause demons to have a begrudging respect for the wearer and steer clear of Jonas. The ring was gained from a powerful Dachton Lich who Jonas was forced to kill alone, the bodies of other powerful mercenaries such as Watching-Owl, The Forge, and Jaraxle scattered about him as the lich and two Twisted Ones rampaged through the mercenary group. The rumour that the lich was killed eventually with a semi active illusion of a cross bow is denied by Jonas to this day.

At the start of IM 1010 Jonas became a member of the leadership council of The Circle know as The Seven. His position was upheld at the start of IM 1011. Jonas will have to give up this post at the start of IM 1012 as the law of The Circle only allows for two years on The Seven at a time.

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