Jasaiah’s and Jasaiah Head

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Sellaville Structure of Note

It is common in other cities for some mercenary or another to lay claim to “the largest/smartest/most expensive” tavern in the Empire, and truth be told some of them are truly impressive taverns which I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting. We can trust Sellaville to be a little different. Jasiah’s isn’t just one place, its many small buildings across the city, but all known as Jasaiahs. They may appear run-down or spit and sawdust establishments, but they welcome one and all. Although each place may be different, each specialising in a different form of gambling, each share a common and hardy welcome, hearty simple food and plenty of strong and cheap ale.

Even with all of these smaller establishments, it seems that the Watch Captain couldn’t quite resist the temptation to build just one huge tavern in the centre of the Refuge quarter. Despite being (probably) one of the largest taverns in the Empire, it has managed to maintain the simple approach of the other establishments, and clearly caters to locals over and above visitors – not to say that the welcome wasn’t pleasant enough, but it was clear that the staff there are focussed on serving the needs of the Sellaville citizens.

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