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General Inquisition



The Inquisition is the Imperial body tasked with the safeguarding of the Empire from threats of a supernatural nature. it is traditionally the Inquisition that organises the gathering and employment of Mercenaries at the time of the Final Dawn.

Amora's Inquisition

Emperor Stoneheart's Inquisition

The Inquisition moulded by Lord Inquisitor Watching-Owl, at the time one of the Empire's Legendary Mercenaries, bore the stamp of the respect he had earnt over the years amongst the Mercenary Caste and he often made great use of them to resolve Inquisitional issues and threates. His skills at diplomacy and subtle manipulation allowed him to draw together disparate forces amongst the Mercenary Caste to work together for a common aim and he often strode into the heart of such things himself. The most notable being the time of Inquisitional Law that was declared by the Senior Mennihaft of the Empire at the time of the High Final Dawn that granted him unquestioned rulership of the Empire for that dangerous period of time. Combined with his phenomenal skills in the arts of Divination he guided the Inquisition with a steady hand until he passed the reigns over to his former Majitus Anacrities.

Empress Truic's Inquisition

Before his resignation as Lord Inquisitor Watching-Owl declared an heir, making it clear that he felt his successor should be his former Majitus, Anacrities. This proved a solid choice, with the birth of the Third Age the greatest threats that the Inquisition had to deal with were in the damage to the primal reality that took the form of upwellings of the Mittlenacht. Anacrites was a most effective Mittlesmith, second only perhaps to Nexus and that perhaps only due to the sheer amount of time Nexus was able to dedicate to his art whilst in Port Miere rather than time spent pouring over scrolls and Scribes reports.

Inquisitor Posts within Truic's Inquisition

Recent Lord Inquisitors

Watching-Owl (IM 999 to Juon IM 1002)

Anacrities (Juon IM 1002 to IM 1007)

Galdor Bogginson (IM 1007 to IM 1008)

Nexus (IM 1008 to IM 1018)

Apathy (IM 1018 to Present)

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