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The Inner City of Halgar occupies the Central Quarter of the City but unlike any other city it forms both physically and mystically its own city within a city. It is walled, heavily guarded and infamously guarded by the Inner City Wards. The Inner City is home to the Throne of Glass and is a maze of years of different architectures from different ages.

It houses the heart of the Imperial Governance and is the most secure location in the Empire. Traditionally only members of the Senatorial Guard are permitted to bear arms within the Inner City although more recently the 101st Imperial Legion were rewarded with that honour as well.

The Halgar Wards

The Inner City Wards of Halgar are impressive in that they are static wards that almost completely dampen supernatural power. Within these wards no Spell, Miracle or Evocation functions or any other working of Magic, Spirits or Earthpower. The sole exception to tihs appears to be the single spell that keeps Elves and similar magical creatures alive.

Even those who are ever near to their gods and Dragons and blessed with either Divine or Draconic Guidance are unable to enact their powers within, which might lead one to the conclusion that the wards exist with the co-operation of the Higher Beings.

It is said that in times of trouble that the Inner City Wards can be extended to encompass the whole of Halgar by the closing of the Halgar's City Gates.


The Inner City is not a location that should be set by Referees or accessed by Players without prior agreement with either the GSM, CC or CMT.

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