Imperial Pathfinders

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Imperial Arrow in Dark Green



Members of the Imperial Pathfinders are usually 2 kinds of men. Retired legionnaires looking for a way to live out their days without getting killed but wanting to give their all to The Empire (Known as "Lifers") or those that sign up for their 3 years.

All are extremely skilled at Stealth, and Cartography.


Throughout the armies of The Empire the rank structure has changed to a simplified one of Spear, Reeve, Master and Sire however some personal quirk of Colonel Chance means that when he reformed the 2nd Held in IM1008 he refused to use the new rank structure and continued the use of the old. This tradition has been taken up by Willock and his men. With William Chance Warlord as of mid IM1011 there is a strong possibility that this trend will continue.

  • Private
  • Path-Corporal (Most NPC Imperial Pathfinders do not attain higer than this rank however most Pathfinders NPC and otherwise are this rank due to the autonomy the Pathfinders enjoy)
  • Path-Sergeant
  • Path-Captain
  • Path-Major
  • Path-Colonel

Imperial Pathfinders, 1st Held

Disbanded. Now part of the 101st Hound.

Imperial Pathfinders, 2nd Held

The Imperial Arrow is sometimes used with an eagle above it as the symbol for the 2nd Held due to it being Chance's personal symbol

Imperial Pathfinders, 3rd Held

  • Sire: Path-Colonel Willock
  • Reeve: Path-Sergeant Longlost
  • Known Members: Path-Corporal Scuzzer, Path-Sergeant (Major) Garrus

The Imperial Arrow is sometimes used with 3 small daggers with the tip pointing downwards, as the symbol for the 3rd Held.

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