House White

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Leader: Earl Louis White

Heraldry: A quarterd shield, two quarters weighted scales, two quarters gold coins (oposite quarters) supported up by a unicorn and lion rampant.

Motto: Orbis Pecunis Volvitur

Primary Location: Halgar

Halls Affiliation: Hall of Glass

Description: By the will of the Empress, the former Baron White was ennobled to the rank of Earl. His name was placed on the rolls of the Nobility and House White was formerly created. The power of the Empress was invested within this House such that any children born of suitable stock will convey the Sallow Blood within their veins and upon their soul.

IM 1010

Earl White, not seen in the mercenary community for many years, is joined in marriage to Eliana Duff, daughter of Earl Duff and a powerful political union is formed by this.

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