House Nastenrul

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House Lord: Rodric Nastenrul (NPC)

A potent force amongst the nobility of Kessleharn, recently re-emerged in the Bildteve Highlands. Storm, who was known to be the last head of the house, appears to have be replaced in recent years by his father Rodric. Whether Rodric died and was at some point reanimated, or Storm's leadership was just a cunning ruse to escape the public eye, only they know for certain.

Storm Nastenrul is said to have been the one who ordered undead into the Heartlands to destroy the harvest, arguably being the act that caused the Choas Wars. A clever and vile Necromancer, he surrounded himeself with his family including his younger brother, Marten Nastenrul, to secure his position within the Magiocracy. He was the last head of the House, and none have dared to claim such a position since then.

The House was known by the others Kesselharn nobility as the House of Skulls, due in no small part to the sheer amount of people they murdered and killed. Rumours said that the crypt beneath their manor at Highfell was stacked high with the skulls of the people they routinely massacred.

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