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House Majius[1]

Leader: Earl Troy Majius, aka King Troy The Faceless

Heraldry: An ornate black M on a silver background, with a dragon entwined around it (traditionally the dragon is a black dragon but in recent years younger house members have preferred other colours).

Power Base: Political

Halls Affiliation: Hall of Scrolls

“Personally I've never had a problem with Troy and I suspect he may be misunderstood, having said that he didn’t send me a wedding present. Mind you he does have Anath as an Advisor which is suspicious all by itself" ~ Count Drago, Governor of Keys


The House of Majius has existed in one form or another for many, many years. Its history, though mostly destroyed in written form at Emperor Amora’s' request as part of the Night of Levity, still remains in part in the lore of their council. House Legend has it that the first Majius was a mage of darkness a thousand years ago who led a host of wizards in repelling an ancient evil that threatened the borders of Primus. He was granted the hand in marriage of the then Emperor’s second daughter, and the Majius line was forged in royal blood.

They were always a small house in the grand scheme of things, preferring the life of Deci’s streets to the royal court. Only under Dalron's brief tenure at head of the council did they rise to prominence as the most powerful noble house of the Empire. Many of the family and their loyal stalwarts are servants of the dark queen, including several companies of troops made purely of loyal dark Elves and Drowe. Many others, however, reflect the rest of the populace in following and belief, including a thriving community of Shaehan priests administering to the poor and needy, several goodly churches on the lands (built at Dalron's behest!), and thousands of peons, farmers, and the like who benefit from the Houses' patronage.

However the House suffered by Dalron’s decision that the Empire and Primus was threatened by having an all but dead man upon the Throne of Glass. He claimed that the Emperor’s slowly decaying body, due to its link with the Nagrech was sending sympathetic ripples of decay outwards across Primus and to the Exostance beyond. Approaching the Throne, as was his right as then Chancellor or the Empire, he took matters into his own hand and attacked the Emperor as he sat helpless on the throne finishing what Baron Roxbridge had failed in with his own attempt just prior to the High Final Dawn.

Whilst there were several who shared Dalron’s concerns, not least the Lord Inquisitor at the time and certain high ranking members of the Inquisition, all were shocked at Dalron’s unilateral decision and action that threw the Empire into confusion. Dalron was declared Wolfshead but vanished and to this day has not been caught. House Stoneheart and House De'Ville swore that they would have vengeance on House Majius for this and that they would crush them. However Dalron had planned well and made sure that his House could not be implicated in his personal action. The Convocation of Nobility accepted this, no doubt a result of some intervention by the strangely influential amassed Deci Houses of Nobility and House Majius escaped being disbanded or declared outlaw.

It is at this juncture, with such a near catastrophic loss of prestige and a similar gain in infamy, that Troy Majius came to power as Lord of House in IM 2002. Even now for those who do not dwell in Deci or have day to day dealings with the common people, the rule of King Troy The Faceless is often beyond comprehension. He is beloved, hated and feared by his people in equal measure and they are loyal to him and him alone. The Great Noble Houses of Deci are now little more than his personal vassals and none would dare to go against his word. The sovereignty and rule of House Majius is uncontested and for those who would even think such there is of course The Lord Sleek…

Notables of House Majius

House Majius is vast, perhaps though hardly surprising as for whatever reason vitae has always been very strong in Deci. It is only with the birth of the Third Age that Deci has begun to lose ground as being the birthplace of the largest share of the Mercenary Caste and House Majius is no less blessed, or cursed, depending on your viewpoint, with a great many vitae rich Blood members. It is perhaps only House De’Ville that can boast similar numbers. The House is a very political one and boasts a number of notable scions across the Empire, however, with the possible exception of his brother Talath, all of these have worked hard to distance themselves from the house of origin both geographically and metaphorically, with many declining to use their house name but tending to go by title. Even in Deci, Talath is often thought of as Talath Sleek rather than Talath Majius.

  • Mojo Majius, Baron of Wither
  • Owain Majius, Baron of Bellow's Gate
  • Aidan Majius, Lord of Fine Folly
  • Davian Majius
  • Isstvan Majius
  • Selwyn Majius-Swan, Lord Scroop (known as 'Scruple')
  • Virgil Majius

The Majius Estates

Like all the Deci Houses House Majius makes colossal sums of money from their mines and with these resources has fuelled rapid expansion throughout the Empire. Whilst the ancestral estate of the Majius is in Deci, the House has extensive holdings that sweep great tracts across the Empire and the Earl never appears to be short of landed titles to be able to hand out as rewards to those of his extended family who earn his favour. He is, in actual fact, unusual with his generosity as a House Lord in freely bestowing his titles when most Nobles jealously hoard those titles they acquire only begrudgingly bestowing such to their kin.


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