House Damask

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Leader: Nomak Damask (NPC) [contested]

Heraldry: Crossed swords in black, outlined in silver, on a black background.

Description: The House of Damask dates back to the Sallow Princes as well as any of the Great Houses of the Empire. The family was taken out of the public eye many years ago by its former lord; although until that point they used to produce the foremost military commanders of the lands. Known for their skill at arms and fierce family loyalty, they have nevertheless waned over the period of years they have remained out of sight. The house has recently been freed from the evil intent of the now-wolfshead ‘Lord’ Edgar Damask by a heroic band of mercenaries counting Zan, Jess, Aaron Steadfast and Gunari amongst their number. All have since been elevated to retainer status of the household.

The Lord, Nomak Damask, holds the title of ‘living weapon’ as a testament to the trials he has gone through to attain the position he now holds. Currently the house is amongst the empress’s most avid supporters, after her magnanimity and mercy in re-instating their claim.

A mere shadow of their former glory, the house hopes to build itself up once more into a thriving noble house.

NOTE: It is not yet possible for Nobles of the Blood of this house to be played

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