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The House of Ash (NPC)

House Bamael, could be considered to be openly aggressive. It seeks to conquer both the surrounding houses and the lands extending from there across the Empire. If the house isn’t at open war with another house it’s because they haven’t got around to attacking them yet, or they’ve yet to obliterate the house who’s lands provide a buffer between them.

Their ongoing feuds with the Houses of Wax and Splinters are relatively constant and until recent times were very much going in their favour. Only the alliance between Wax and part of Splinters allowed them to hold the line and retaliate. What is was left until the Church of Mortai strode in was a bloody stalemate where each sent it’s rank and file against the other while simultaneously attempting subtle raids behind enemy lines in the case of Wax or ritual strike in the case of Ash.

During early IM1011 they lost much. Firstly they lost the significant ritual stronghold of Arvalath's Cradle and then a month later saw one of their lords slain and his ritual chamber at Oleth’s Folly destroyed, blown apart in a cataclysmic explosion. The Church of Mortai is said to have been responsible for all three such incidents, though the latter two appear to being blamed on Wax if the retaliatory strikes are anything to go by.

Aggressive and hot tempered, the most common tools of Ash are coruscating flame, and creatures made from flowing ash or the bodies of the burnt and charred dead.

Known lords of the house include the ritualist and general Lady Vanity, and the now deceased ritualist Lord Chovul.


In summer IM1011, there appeared to be a great schism within the house as Vanity, having ascended to become the Lady Oblivion over the previous dawn, had the Duke of the house assassinated, and then conquered much of the Ash wastes and northern territories of the house. Pressing south by Septuar IM1011 she controlled all but the far southern tip of land, which was still held by Lord Avoull.

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