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House Athanyn, Gold on a Black Background

Head of House: Gideon Athanyn

Liege Lord: This House is vassalled to House Claugh-Bartholomaw

Heraldry: A stylised winged hourglass in gold, with a scythe lowered in front, on a black background.

Halls Affiliation: Hall of Glass

Primary Location: Gideon's Reach (at Turlin's Stand) (Rural Bildteve) or The Barony of Weary Hollow (Rural Bildteve)

Description: The history of House Athanyn goes back deep into the time of the Old Republic and the families whose lives were entwined with the control of the Magiocracy of Glorianave. With a proud military tradition, the private army of House Athanyn provided much of the military backbone to the Glorianave forces when the Magiocracy’s ritual might needed to be supported with blood, sweat and steal. Indeed, a large proportion of the men-at-arms were Nobles of the Blood or Retainers to the House. Unsurprisingly, when the Empire was formally recognised and bureaucratic term of ‘Legion’ was introduced (originally as a means of keeping track of how many soldiers the Empire could call upon at any given time), the standing army of House Athanyn was officially designated as the 11th Imperial Legion, unofficially titled The Shield of Glorianave. Initially there were some political issues with an imperial legion being so closely tied to a noble house but with the introduction of Vorn’s Law in IM 412, which removed the right for any citizen to maintain a private army and that all legions would fall under the control of the state, these concerns seemed to be allayed for the time being.

The centuries passed relatively uneventfully for House Athanyn and the 11th Legion besides the usual political wrangling which typified the lives of the minor nobility; but when Amora began to impose his vision of an united Empire upon the land, they fully subscribed to it, placing all their political and military support behind him. Politically, this was seen as a shrewd and somewhat audacious move for a house of Athanyn’s modest proportions and resulted in them drawing envious attention from rival houses. During the quelling of an anti-Amoran uprising in the south-west of the Empire’s newly established territories, a situation dishonestly engineered by the houses’ rivals saw the 11th Legion obliterate the town of Camberford and every soul who dwelt therein. Unknown to the 11th at the time was the fact that the lives of citizens of Camberford had already been safeguarded in a treaty which had been signed the previous day when the leaders of this particular insurrection had surrendered entirely to loyalist forces. It was no accident that the messengers never reached the command of the legion. As a result the House and the Legion were wholly discredited and banished to the island of Vergessen far to the east of the Empire, where they served as a garrison to the abandoned children of the Nobility, just another of the Empire’s dirty little secrets.

One may be forgiven for thinking that such rejection would have led to resentment but on the contrary, the faith in the Empire they served never wavered. Even when supplies ran short and the passing of the years took their toll on the men their oaths to the Throne of Glass still served and the Nagrech Shard which was held by their commanding officer, a Colonel Thorian Holdfast, saw these vows to the Empire sustained beyond death, with those men who past away, rising again as creatures of undeath; not from the Plane of Undeath but native to the Realm of Glass. The strength of the Nagrech also saw many of them infused with, what is commonly known as Vitae. The Night of Levity ensured that written records of the fate of the 11th Imperial Legion were long forgotten.

In IM 1010 however, a group of mercenaries led by Duke Stoneheart travelled to the island and systematically removed the rituals which bound those resident on the island from ever leaving. Recovering the Nagrech Shard, the Duke presented those surviving members of the Legion with a choice, serve the Empire once again or embrace oblivion. Despite the passing of their commanding officer, they unanimously agreed to serve the Throne of Glass once again. Since this decision has been made, and under the guidance of Duke Stoneheart, the 11th Imperial Legion, The Shield of Glorianave or The Avowed as they had come to be known, have been transported back to the mainland, and having been provided some smallholdings to the west of Gileenim, have slowly been attempting to re-establish themselves into the ‘modern’ Empire.

House matters are dealt with by the eldest extant member of the House, Lord Gideon Athanyn, whilst military matters are the responsibility of Holdfast’s former second-in-command, Major Breach. Members of the legion are fiercely loyal to the concept of the Empire regardless of who or what may be sitting on the Throne of Glass; championing the traditions of strong leadership and a powerful military pedigree.

House or Legion regalia normally consists of a burgundy tabard with gold trim bearing the hourglass and scythe insignia.

Martius IM 1012

Let it be known that on this day 11th Martius House Athanyn wishes to formerly announce that the former Great Noble House of Thyrll, brought low by Kesselharn, is once again reunited with our glorious Empire. From this day forth House Thyrll will be a vassal house to House Athanyn, it's families and members embraced with open arms.

We have discussed long and hard with the heads of House Thyrll, in respect of this, especially regarding some troubling issues within the Rest in past months. We have Oath bound assurances that all simulacra within the Rest have been removed and those people taken to form them returned to their families. I have been assurred that House Thyrll will take no action against the Empire and indeed that it's actions in recent years, while sometimes selfish and without regard to individual life, were often for the greater good. While they are not the actions that some of us might take, I cannot fault the plans behind the steps they took.

Historically many of the Noble Houses undertook somewhat dubious actions of subterfuge upon one another, or others of note, to gain influence and power. Times, to some extent, have changed and it is my strong belief that the heads of House Thyrll have come to realise this. They are willing and prepared to unweave a number of their ritual wards and rites and to provide significant and useful information on Myron and other threats, both concerning the Kesselharn loyal Highlands Houses and further afield.

For their and our safety there are some things I cannot disclose, but House Thyrll are in the process of compiling a dossier of information and in removing any simulacra, informants, agents and the like from all Empire lands. We have set a deadline of Moonsday 7th Mai for such a document to be compiled and for all such simulacra to have been removed. The leadership of House Thyrll is willing to be oath bound to have done so on that date and as such I am certain of their compliance. They genuinely and truly wish to be once again recognised as a Noble House and to lend their not inconsiderable resources to opposing the enemies of the Empire, which in many ways they have already done so.

It is for these reasons and our Houses's long and historical family ties, dating from IM 879 and earlier, that House Athanyn is proud to welcome House Thyrll as it's vassal.

Lord Gideon Athanyn


NOTE: As with all Noble Houses it is not possible to start a member of the House without first speaking to the House Lord, it is possible to play a House retainer (Although this too would need to be signed by Head of House). All members of this house are undead. There will be no living members, except by Marriage or Adoption. Additionally, as of 10/03/12, members of House Thyrll may be played as members of House Athanyn. As with all nobles, please speak to the Head of House to check suitability before starting any noble character
As of 08/05/12, Non undead noble members of this house may be played due to the Rite of Shoraval

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