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The Hall of Glass

Senior Mennihaft: Earl Natal

Belief: That Nobles should stand strong for the Empire and act as Nobles. They are most open to Nobles by Deed with the belief that the only reason Nobles have their hereditary power is because they were once like those mercenaries who dragged themselves up, becoming what they were through dint of personal power.

Notes: Contains by far the most politically powerful block of Houses notably House Stoneheart and House White as well as such loyal houses such as House De'Ville and the newly raised but rapidly growing House Winterhaven. Although, by banding all in one house their power is actually curtailed somewhat in Matters of Substance since the Hall only represents a single vote. However in Matters of Empire where voting is not constrained by Hall then the strength of Glass in such matters is clearly visible and where Glass leads the tithe will often follow.

The Hall of Scrolls

Senior Mennihaft: Duke Rutgeth

Belief: In the Supernatural and Ritual as a way to strengthen, protect and maintain the Empire.

Notes: Somewhat cunningly the Deci Nobility, who all seem to tend to very strong ritualists, banded together to support this hall and thus unite their influence into one power block under the sway of Earl Majius of House Majius, giving the Earl a somewhat disproportionate degree of influence in those votes that are Matters of Substance. Since regardless of the amount of total influence within a Hall each Hall only carries one vote and the Houses of Deci are all but vassals to the King of Deci.

The Hall of Keys

Senior Mennihaft: Earl Duff

Belief: That the Empire is maintained by Trade. That it is bound and strengthened by one part of the Empire providing those goods needed by another and that through trade the need for internal conflict is greatly reduced and the Empire pulls together.

Notes: The ideals of strength through trade resulted in the Imperial City that was created with the whole purpose of trade being named The City of Keys.

The Hall of Swords

Senior Mennihaft: Earl Edwige

Belief: The Empire was a thing forged in battle and must be maintained by force. It is a military hall and House Trakand holds much sway in this Hall

Notes: This is the Hall least disposed to actual politics, its great members being too busy on the field of battle to be sitting gossiping like women or bickering like old men. In fact, some less than warlike Houses who wish to avoid politics have been known to sign up to this Hall to avoid the need to join politics.

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