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The Gallowglass are those penitent of the warmongers of the First Age. They were enlightened by the Laiu and saw the damage that their acts had caused. They accepted the judgement of the Laiu and put aside all thoughts, skills and arts of war to become peaceful, to dwell on the chain of islands that mark the eastern edges of the world to be born and reborn until such time as they had cleansed their souls of the stain of the evil they had committed. By the end of the Second Age, after a millennium of purgatory they had completed this and vanished, although not before the Eth’Aderacht had attempted schemes to use the now purified souls of their one time kin to try and gain entrance to Primus . What has become of the reborn Gallowglass is as yet not widely known, if at all.

Gallowglass Recent History

Since IM 1009 The Tranquil has been seen wandering many of the empty Isles and marking them, collecting them as it were and adding to his own little peaceful Realm and extending his Chain of Islands.

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