Fenton Abbey

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Fenton Abbey

Fenton Abbey is an abbey that lies within the Rorthril Fens in the territory of Bildteve near to the village of Ghulston that was consructed upon the resting place of Velesh. Velesh was a Ghoul Lord who’s power grew that he became worshipped and reached a level of power not dissimilar to Primal Deity. He stalked and ravaged the fens for some time. Of course, as is the nature of these things, his faith faded, his power diminished and he was seen less and less away from his catacombs. Over time his Temple was lost, falling into the catacombs that he made his home. All but forgotten he slumbered in the great barrow like mound that now forms the hill where the village of Fenton grew up.

Another priesthood conquered Fenton and built their own Monastery or Abbey upon the mound sealing off the Temple of Velesh beneath it and stunting the remaining power of Velesh. Eventually those priests were called war elsewhere across Primus and their order was destroyed in a long forgotten battle. Since then the power of Velesh has leaked into the fens and to this day Ghouls are ever strongly attracted to Fenton and the enaction of rites or even miracles to do with Ghouls is somewhat easier than elsewhere.

Recent History of Fenton Abbey

In IM 1010 the Church of Iron and Empire took control of the Abbey and consecrated it for their own ends.

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